Guest Book

Unsolicited comments from guests about Mayan Beach Garden (we aren't making this up!):

We just returned from a visit to the Mayan Beach Gardens and as usual, it did not disappoint!!
Kim & Marcia are the perfect hosts & do everything possible to make their guest's comfortable & happy.
I cannot list everything that leaves us always wanting to return, but to name a few:
As I said wonderful hosts, friendly staff, very comfy mattress, tasty meals (Gracias, Lupe), wonderful banana pancakes for breakfast, windows on each wall of the room or upstairs room which not only allow for wonderful breezes and the sound of the ocean to put you asleep or you can just sit up & check out all the stars (& you do see millions of them) or the moon shining on the sea.  Oh, did I mention the Banana pancakes, I have to mention these twice.
I truly love to wake up early to the cheerful sound of the chirping birds & the gentle waves hitting the beach -   grab a cup of coffee, walk back to my cabana & sit on the lanai & gaze at the sea while enjoying it.   Can't ask for a better way to wake up!
I have to mention & thank Raphael for all he does at MBG, be it taking your luggage back & forth to your car, serving our meals, keeping up the grounds & rooms of MBG - all with a smile!
There are just many ways to just be lazy on the beach or hammock or jump in your car & check out other interests in the Costa Maya.   The beach is perfect for walking, waves not too strong so you can take a dip to cool off & also some great snorkeling.     As Marcia, she knows the best areas to snorkel, one of them being right in front of MBG.
We enjoy having cocktails before dinner while meeting the other guests & then great conversation during a delicious dinner with Kim at the head of the table joining in with some great stories or some good jokes.
Marcia does her best to try to provide all the comforts & conveniences, either in your room or at the main house  , bottled water in the room, refrigerator in your room,  being sure that any requests for your meals are attended to, i.e. allergies, dislikes,etc.    We always take the meal plan because we do not want to miss dinner there, but also a nice lunch, snack & cold water will be packed in a thermal bag for us to take with us if we drive around the Costa Maya.
I have included some photos in my review, not enough room for all of them.    Kim & Marcia with Bridget, Raphael with Eric (Raffy's always smiling) the Mooster (MBG greeter) & of course, the lovely beach.
In our opinion, this is one of the best places to stay in the Costa Maya!

" Well, we're home now, after our week at the Club Regina in Cancun. It was really interesting to see the differences between a resort in Cancun and the MBG, and our reactions to those differences. For the first few minutes, we thought, "Wow, this is really nice!" The A/C was blowing cold, and our suite was beautiful, modern, and sleek. It didn't take long, though, for us to start missing the quiet, easy, personal service of the MBG. The staff at the Club Regina is plenty friendly, but it's different... they're being impersonally friendly to everyone, whereas at the MBG, the staff knows everyone.

Speaking of which, I wanted to give a bit of praise to Lupe that I didn't get around to while we were still at your place. On Thursday when we did the Tortillas 101 class with Lupe, it came up, in passing, that I don't really care for avocado. We were garnishing the huaraches, she said she uses shredded cabbage and avocado to garnish, I said I'd love the cabbage but would leave off the avocado. The next morning, Lupe packed lunches for us to take with us to Tampalam, etc. When we opened them up at lunchtime, I found that one ham & avocado didn't have any avocado in it. I thought it was great that she'd remembered my comment from the day before and left it off for me.

Our first night in Cancun, we had dinner at the hotel restaurant. It was awful. They were doing an Italian buffet, and nothing on it was good, everything ranged from mediocre to nasty. We wistfully wondered what Lupe was preparing for dinner that night. Overall, though, Cancun was much better than it could've been, mostly due to the lack of crowds. Everywhere we went, there were less people than one would've expected.

Still... on Friday Lucy asked me, "If you could choose right now whether to stay another week or go home in the morning, which would it be?" I replied that I was having a great time, but I was ready to go home. We talked about it a bit more, and realized that both of us would happily stay another week if we were still at the MBG.

Club Regina is part of the Raintree vacation club, and we had to sit through a timeshare presentation. The longer we resisted, the more affordable their offerings became. But we simply weren't that interested, because we knew that all of their offerings were going to be the same sort of personality-free luxury hotels that we were in, rather than the homey and comfortable out-of-the way hotels that we had enjoyed the previous week.

So, thanks for everything, for running such a great place. We'll be talking to friends about when we could make another visit.
Talk to you soon. . . Jason & Lucy" May 2009

"With all the flurry of the holidays I’m just now getting a chance to drop you a line and let you know how very much we enjoyed our stay with you.  The accommodations and food were absolutely wonderful, the reef and Kohunlich ruins were amazing, and, of course, the sea-bean hunting was outstanding.  Thanks for all you and your staff did to make our stay a delight!  We’re hoping to return sometime this year and do it all again.

I’m attaching a few of our pics.  Among them are some orchid shots – a couple from the grounds at Kohunlich and a schomburgkia from the reserve.  If Jim is still around be sure and tell him we said hello and share the orchid pics with him as he seemed to be particularly interested in the orchid topic." Dave and Sheri Bryant 2008

"A final e-mail to say "thanks a lot" for a fine holiday we, my husband and myself, spend at Mayan Beach Garden in the end of March. The photo is a  clear evidence of the fact that we did next to nothing during our stay with you. And we enjoyed it!!!!

We want to thank you, as well as your eminent staff for a nice time, really good food - and we are still impressed that you never forgot that we dislike cilandro intensely. We never saw a grain of cilandro in our meal! Impressing!

We are now back in Denmark, and spring is just around the corner. The sun is bright, and the garden needs some attendance. So I will finish asking you to give our best regards to your husband and daughter, all in the staff and a big "thanks" to you, Marcia. Kind regards from Henri and Ingrid Jørgensen" (March 2009 )

"Kelly and I arrived home safe last night. Woke up to 26 degrees F! We missed you guys as soon as we got down to Xcalak. The hotel down there was very nice, the fishing was really good and they treated us very well. The food was good, but you guys have got it going on in your kitchen! Can't tell you how pleased we were to have chosen MBG to stay at. Every thing we hoped for and then some. Thanks again for being such a huge part of our wonderful trip to Costa Maya. Hasta, Tim and Kelly Hebbard." Colorado April 2009

"Thanks a lot for the snorkeling pictures - it brought us right back to our fantastic holiday at MBG. We couldn't have chosen any better place to relax and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Yucatan. On our way back we stopped one night at Playa del Carmen. What a crowded busy and noisy place! It was then when we really realised how relaxing and authentic the time in El Placer was. We enjoyed it so much and are sad to be back in good old Europe. Weather here is gray and we have even managed to catch a flu two days after our return ;-)

How is everything at MBG? We think back a lot and just as Kim said, when it's getting really busy and hectic we just remember the great time we had with the delicious food, the nice people, the cat and with beach and ocean right in front of our cabana. Hey Kim, we found Jimmy Buffet's Cheeseburgers in paradise on youtube;-)

Again, thank you and your staff so much for the wonderful time we had. We will certainly come back as soon as possible. You run a great place - don't change anything it's perfect!

All the best from the Germans in UK, Weena and Alex " . . . (March 2009)

. . .Wanted to let you know what a wonderful, peaceful, enjoyable, delightful time Francie and I had during our week at your Mayan Beach Garden.  You have provided such a beautiful and relaxing space for guests.  The food was outstanding, we are so spoiled now.  And the fact that you have all the guests eat together for the evening meal was such a special time - we met so many great human beings.
Your staff is great, and I send them all my best regards.  As well as Moola, Mr. Moo, your two doggies, and any lizards running around. . .
Thank you both for being such fabulous hosts.  I soooo enjoyed meeting and talking with both of you.  It feels as if we are family. . .Love to you both,Sharon (March 2009)

Hola Marcia and Kim,
We have arrived back home and wanted to say your place was the highlight of our trip. We so enjoyed everything about your place. It's like home away from home. We will look forward to the next time and will definitely stay longer. . .I would love that mango salsa recipe. Thanks so much for everything . . .Take care and please keep in touch. . . . Fondly, Patty and Polo (March 2009 )
". . .Tomorrow we’ll have been back in England for 2 weeks. My tan is fading but not the memories of our lovely stay at MBGs.

The rooms are lovely and the views wonderful. What a luxury to wake at dawn, hear the birds, see & smell the sea  & watch the sunrise. Pete & I loved the early morning coffee, walking on the beach or sitting on the balcony, with attendant cat. (Really liked the design of the bathroom in Palenque, with the curved partition and the glass blocks)

The food was great. Walking along the beach looking at birds & beachcombing, always enjoyable and visiting the wreck was interesting for both the drive & the snorkelling. I know Hannah & Alf enjoyed it all as well. We’d done lots of driving (seen about 15 Maya sites in 10 days) and were definitely ready for a beach break and MBGs was perfect.

Thanks again Marcia, for guiding Pete & I on a snorkel outside the reef. It was the best bit for us. We love seeing fish and seeing so many in large groups was very exciting. I’ve attached a few pics. Pete got a good shot of you with the starfish and he’s really pleased with the eagle ray shot - says it’s the best eagle ray pic, he’s ever taken. We saw the spotted trunk fish at the wreck.

Thanks to you both (& all your staff) for making our stay so relaxing and enjoyable.  "
Best Wishes,  Susan & Pete (Feb 2009)

"We both want to thank you so very much for your hospitality while we stayed at the MBG.  Thank you so much Marcia for putting us in the ocean front cabana just a few feet from the ocean.  It was amazing.  My most memorable experience was Valentine's Day dinner on the roomtop, just the two of us with all of the stars.  Thank you again for arranging that.  The food was incredible and we miss the fresh fruit and fresh squeezed juice every morning.  The dinners were fantastic and we especially enjoyed the last night's dinner in the pineapple.  Every meal was incredibly fresh and tasty.  We thank all of your wonderful employees for their great service too.  We also enjoyed Kim's friendly banter and sense of humor!  You two have something very special there.  We thank you both again for a wonderful stay and would love to come again.
 muchos gracias,"
~Vicki ( Feb. 2009 )

"Just wanted to send a quick e-mail to tell you what an AMAZING time we had. We've told everyone about your place and they all want to come visit you and experience a 'real' vacation....I said only if they let me come too!!!. . . I attached a few pics. . .We still daydream about that mango crisp....PLEASE send me the recipe. . .We bought our own hammock in Tulum and put it up as soon as we got's comfy, but not the same without the ocean waves.......(BIG SIGH). Thanks again for the best vacation ever!! We can't wait to come back

Michael and Mary Ellen (April 2008)
ps...Cancun might be one of the cheesiest places on the planet....hahahaha"

"We all had such a wonderful time. It has been non stop go since we got home though and I had not had a moment to write you and thank you for being so gracious, accommodating and tolerant of this loud, boisterous group of people I would not trade for anything!!!. . .We will be back!"

Deb Feb. 2008

Deb, Arkansas Feb. 2008

"I just wanted to let you know what a great time had while I was there a couple of weeks ago You and your staff took great care of us. Thanks for the great meals and the great wines. My favorite part of the the trip was my first snorkeling adventure. I think you got me hooked. I loved seeing the coral and the blue and tiger striped fish. It was fantastic. "

Bill B. (Arkansas, Feb. 2008)


"We just wanted to thank you for a wonderful holiday. It is great to know that there is a place like MBG out there. El Placer does have the best beach outside the Sian Ka'an! We really loved that we were able to get away from the tourist trail. Tulum and Playa Del Carmen seemed totally madcap and impersonal after our incredibly relaxing and interesting time spent at MBG. We will be back...Cheers"

Susan and Tim - Nelson BC, Canada (Jan 2008)

"Wendy & I want to tell you what a wonderful time we had for the 10 days that we were lucky enough to spend with you in February 2008. Hurricane Dean did its damage but the one thing it could not remove was the ambiance that is Mayan Beach Garden. The place looks wonderful and is a testament to all your hard work since August. As usual you fed us beyond expectations and dinner times are always a special treat. Please thank Rafa and Martin for us and rest assured that we will be back again for some of that special Mayan Beach relaxation."

Andy & Wendy - Vancouver BC (Feb. 2008)

". . .Our vacation was a great success! We had a great time. This was confirmed when we returned to New York. People were running past us as we walked through the airport because we were not walking fast enough! HAH! Thank you so much for your warm hospitality and patient mapping! I'm glad to hear that Rafa and Lupe had big smiles; they work hard and deserve it! Thank them for their great service! The only suggestion we can make to improve MBG is to buy up more property in the area and keep it the way it is! We'll send some pictures soon. Give everyone our love and know that we'll be back! Love & light"
Samantha & Giuseppe (Jan 2008)

"Many thanks for a lovely stay with you! Justin and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and seeing that part of Mexico. We're very glad we took your recommendation of driving down as we really didn't have any difficulties and got to see so much and have so much freedom.

I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing your finished mosaic tile work should we be fortunate enough to be able to make a return visit." Susan (April 2007)

. . . Of all the places we've been in Mexico, Mayan Beach Garden stands out head and shoulders above everything else. WOW!! We have loved the beautiful setting, soft footprint on the land, the warm friendly staff the amazing fresh and delicious food, the animals and just the whole thing. You've done wonderful here. We'll be back.
Jean and Rick (Feb. 2007)

"Please accept our thanks to you and to Kim for the week we stayed with you. It was a lovely way to be with our family, and every one was happy and enjoyed your place and the locale. You surely had your hands full with all of us rowdy folks and yet made us feel very welcome. You also managed to fill our bellies to the brim with great food. We already have recommended Mayan Beach Garden to several people, but we also do not want the area to be spoiled with the crowds that we saw from Tulum on north. That place is a mess.

The drive to Xpuhil was lovely, and the area is just right for exploring ruins. There was almost no one at Becan and Chicanna ruins, even on Sunday when the gates were open without charge. We had not enough time to go to Calakmul or Kohunlich, but that can wait til the next visit.

I am sure that you will see some of us back in the next few years. We all want to get out and do some more snorkeling on the unspoiled reef and be out there on that lovely, wild beach again. Please give our regards to Jorge'. He was a real help to the family during that busy week.

David - Christmas 2006"

"I am the worlds saddest traveler. I was feeling guilty about abandoning the plans with my friends so I left very early this morning to get here in time for the <Cozumel> ferry, as it is I caught the last one by 45 minutes. The reason I am so sad is because I left paradise for a crowded yucky place. Words do not describe it. I will make the best of it. . . .
I left without saying good-bye to some of the friends I made and we didn´t get a swim in. I am really sad about that. I want you to know that my stay was excellent and you and Kim made me feel very comfortable. I will look at my schedule for Feb. for a visit. . ."

the runner guy

Dear Kim and Marcia and the wonderful staff, Muchos Gracias for a very fun, relaxing, beautiful place you have created, especially the attention to the delicate environment, recycling, using solar etc. your hospitality and kindness will always be remembered. And. . . the delicious and fresh food, the funny Minnie Moos (what personalities) lovely snorkeling and warm staff. You have both created a super special place. Gracias Merci and Big Thanks.

Chantal, Fran, Dick and Colette August 2006

Hi Marcia and Kim-- I just realized, as I was daydreaming, that we forgot to write anything in that little book in our room!??! Or maybe...subconciously, we are making sure we get back there soon and you give us the same room so we can do it!?!? ;-) At any rate--your place is paradise--the room, the food, the service...everything was great!

Hope all is well-- If something happens around Xmas to keep a guest at home...say a sinus infection or necessary tooth extraction...please let us know--we may come down and fill the room!?!?

November 2006

Please accept our thanks to you and to Kim for the week we Platers/Benners stayed with you. It was a lovely way to be with our family, and every one was happy and enjoyed your place and the locale. You surely had your hands full with all of us rowdy folks and yet made us feel very welcome. You also managed to fill our bellies to the brim with great food. We already have recommended Mayan Beach Garden to several people, but we also do not want the area to be spoiled with the crowds that we saw from Tulum on north. That place is a mess. . . .I am sure that you will see some of us back in the next few years. We all want to get out and do some more snorkeling on the unspoiled reef and be out there on that lovely, wild beach again. Please give our regards to Jorge He was a real help to the family during that busy week.

Platers/Benner (Dec 2006)

"Just wanted to say thanks for such a wonderful stay. After the boys got home they bragged about the experiences they had. I truly think that they enjoyed themselves. . .I just wanted a nice family vacation where TV's, playstations, or cell phones were nonexistent. When you get time, go to Drew and and click on fun stuff. This is their website for their radio show. There are photos of our trip there. We will send you some of the other photos with you and the boys and guests.

Hope to see you next year. . ."

Donna Montgomery (July 2006)

"Geoff and I just wanted to say that we miss you both so much and your beautiful location. We are currently working on our plans for next year and we are thinking that we may fly into Mexico City and drive over to you and stay another 7 days making it a longer vacation. We will let you know when we finalize our plans.

We had such an amazing time with you and your staff. I keep trying to find ways that we could make a living and life there full-time (Dreaming, of course). Geoff misses sitting at the dinner table with Kim talking about everything from the ruins to the movies, talking is what Geoff does best. Geoff and I came to your getaway in an effort to regain ourselves and our marriage and we accomplished that and more. Not only was the scenery, location and surroundings beautiful, but meeting you both, your staff and traveling around that part of Mexico was something that we will never forget. It was truly magical and will be hard to follow in years to come.

We hope that this e-mail finds everyone well and business booming!! Stay in touch and we look forward to seeing you soon."

Jeff and Tosha (May 2006)

" we miss you even more. And the sun. And the see. And the rays. And the snakes. And the ruins. And the people. And the food. And and and. . . Thank you, for making this so special again. Your place is like balm for the soul. "

Doreen (Germany, March 2006)

"We had such a wonderful time. They all appreciated that our time was our own and that they could just lie in a hammock all day and read, if that was what they wanted to do... no forced trips or activities. We all appreciated Kim's knowledge of the area and his hosting skills. He kept the conservation lively and all inclusive at those wonderful dinners. The food was so fantastic, I had forgotten how good fresh. local produce tastes versus that which is shipped from such long distances.

We had such a great time exploring Kinichna, Dzibanche and Conjunto Lamay (please forgive any misspellings) at our own pace and without having to contend with huge crowds of people or seriously cleared, open, sunny areas. It was so nice to come upon the ruins in the trees. There was such a feeling of peace and awe at the sites. And we appreciated not being sunburned by being out in the open sun.

Thank you so much for being such wonderful hosts. Believe me, if we ever are able to afford to come back, we will, so please keep the porch light on.

Love Kathy :-)" (March 2006)

"We made it home just fine with no problems. It was a long day - the traffic between Tulum and Playa was unreal! Added about 30 mins to the trip. SO glad we didn't have to deal with it much. Came home to two happy puppies, a little rain and very mild temps. Took a run in Central Park today, did laundry, etc., and are very happy to be home. Even the tabano and mosquito bites are fading........

And so much of our feeling of peace and restfulness is because of our wonderful, restorative stay with you! It was a delight, and we are already looking ahead to our schedules for next spring. Look for an e-mail in the not-too-distant future for our 2007 rez!

Kristen wants to be sure to let you know how much we loved the breakfast to go, especially the pumpkin dessert. It was a perfect treat during our long day. Thanks for all your care and concern. . . Thanks again for everything!

Warm regards, Martha and Kristen (March 2006)

"Thanks again for a wonderful vacation. It's not often that a place can live up to the memories we have romanticized in our dreams - but it was even better than we remembered! I can think of no better place in the world to relax."

John and Linda (Dec. 2005)

"Just wanted to drop you a line to Thank You" for your warm and friendly hospitality at your Mayan Beach Garden Resort. Your meals were delicious, Don loved your Mexican pasta dish, and me a seafood lover, really enjoyed your excellent fish meal. . . Thank you for the news letter, it was really nice to hear from you, and all the news, in and about Costa Maya, it feels like a second home for us. , We met some great neighbors and getting to know the area more each time we come, makes me feel more comfortable. We sure miss the beautiful beaches of Costa Maya, especially the sapphire blue water. . .Again, thank you , for we both had a wonderful time staying at MBG, and really enjoyed everyone that we had met during our trip, we met some very nice people. Especially having Dinner with everyone , it really felt like an instant family.
Looking forward for our next trip!!!

Best Regards,
Jan & Don

PS Your staff was absolutely wonderful!!!
And We miss all that delicious fresh fruit in morning, papayas are not as good here in the states. "( December 2005)

"Our vacation is finally over and we're back at work trying to readjust to our "normal" lives. Boy that's tough!!! We spent Christmas and New Years with family in Mexico City and since that was our first time during the holidays it was a very special and memorable experience. You know, even though the family was so sweet and they tried to make our time with them so wonderful Hector and I couldn't stop thinking and imagining ourselves back in that beautiful Costa Maya. We both just fell in love with it.

We both want to thank both you and Kim for our wonderful stay there and for the warm hospitality that each of you gave to us. Both of you were extremely encouraging for us in having faith in pursuing our future plans and are both great role models for this type of venture. We hope to one day live up to those expectations and serve to encourage others in theirs. Once again Thanks a Million !!!and we'll definitely keep in touch."
Carlos and Hector (California, Dec. 2005)

". . .Our stay at MGB was really a pleasure for us all. If we ever visit QR again, we will definitely schedule time with you folks again.

Thanks again for the great time, great food, and your really wonderful staff. Sr. Jorge was especially pleasant and sincerely helpful on all occasions.

Best regards to all for the coming year,"

--Brad Rea (Dec 2005 - Alaska)

"Now that we are unfortunately back into the swing of our snow-filled lives, we wanted to send you a note to thank you for your hospitality during our recent visit. We thought we would put together a "top 10 list" about the things we loved most during our holiday at Mayan Beach Gardens (in no real order, cause everything was equally great..)

1. the exceptionally comfortable beds in our lovely cabana
2. the sound of the ocean at our front door
3. eating lunch under the palapa just feet away from the surf
4. playing with Miss Moo and Buddy
5. every last meal we ate (mike is still crying that I can't make the same stuff here!)
6. skinny dipping in the middle of the day (oops - you didn' know about that did you?)
7. miles and miles of beach to ourselves (see #6)
8. snorkeling in what seemed like our very own aquarium every morning and afternoon
9. having the time and solitude e to read 4 books each
10. meeting you guys and realizing little slices of pardise (like El Placer) still exist in the world

Thanks again for the great time! We will be back as soon as we can convince someone to take care of our little furry daughter (picture attached). We are including a few of our favorite pictures for your guest book - although they may cause a stampede to your door (several of my work colleagues already have asked for your website info based on these pictures - but I only gave it to people I really like)

take care, hope to see you soon (all the best to your excellent staff as well)"

-- Lisa and Mike (McQueen/Sanchez)" (Nov. 2005)

". . .Just wanted to thank you for your warm hospitality during our stay at Mayan Beach Garden. I don't think that either I or my mom could ever imagine getting to stay in a place like yours! I guess some things are "meant to be" and certainly this one. You made our trip unforgettable in every aspect. We were served great food, spend days in a very relaxing environment and even got some adventure during our little drive up to Punta Herrera! :)
We thank Hurricane Wilma for bringing us to your place!
Thanks once again for everything you did for us and we wish you the best.

Best regards Sara and Elna from Sweden" (November 2005)

"Michael and I had a wonderful time. We made it home with no snags. . . This trip was a true "mission accomplished" - neither one of us thought about work one iota. We did not miss cell phones, tv, computer, etc... it was great!! We think you guys have a great place there. You all are so gracious and accommodating. It is the kind of place that you want to tell everyone you know but then again - you don't. The snorkeling was incredible, the food was incredible, the surroundings were incredible.

We appreciate all the info from Kim on the various things we needed info on. We loved our trip to Dzibanche. We loved the snorkeling at the point where you told us to go, it was just fantastic. We mostly enjoyed just relaxing on the Palapa after dinner (Michael in the comfy chairs and me in the hammock) enjoying the breeze blowing in on us. The day we spent just laying around the cabana, snorkeling and napping was the best!!

I suppose Miss Moo will have to find someone else's shoes to fall in love with. It was so funny when Michael and I fell asleep on the Palapa one night and he woke up with Miss Moo sleeping in his lap, too! Alex, Adrianna and everyone else were so friendly and fun. We enjoyed the community dining area and meeting the other folks that were there; Eduardo & Judy and family, Bob & Wendy and family - it was so interesting to sit around talking with everyone. You will most definitely see us again! Thanks again for everything and for being part of our most relaxing and wonderful vacation to date!! I snapped this pic yesterday morning around 6:15 a.m. and it is now my desktop background... my immediate escape. Thanks much "

--- Deb & Michael, (August 2005)

"Every detail about MBG surpassed our expectations. The accommodations and grounds were exactly what one might imagine when fantasizing of a peaceful tropical paradise. There were so many pleasant surprises that we had not expected. Each meal was a delightful experience. We found ourselves looking
forward to them not only for the excellent food but also the pleasure of visiting with the other interesting guests.

I was surprised that we could actually enter the water right from the beach and snorkel out to a living coral reef! Many places make the claim but at El Placer, it wasn't exaggerated in the least! Last but certainly not the least, I'd like to comment on your hammocks. Not only was the placement and the quality of the hammocks superb, Kim was a wonderful source of information on the finer points of hammock quality. "
David Martin, (Feb., 2005)

"Thought I'd drop you a note to let you know that we are safely home in cold Idaho. . .We arrived to rain and temperatures in the low 40's on Tuesday evening.

"We just wanted to reiterate how very much we enjoyed our stay at your beautiful garden. It was absolutely everything we dared to dream and so much more. Your warm hospitality, coupled with your professionalism, along with your friendly and helpful staff, made our stay the best possible experience. We especially enjoyed the family-style meals. It was so relaxing not to have to make decisions about where and when and what to eat. The service was superb (please say hi to all those wonderful gentlemen for us), and the food was fantastic. We are going through severe Pico de Gallo withdrawal here! We made a few stops along our way back to the Cancun airport and confirmed that our decision to spend our time at Mayan Beach Garden rather than the other facilities we had considered was the best alternative possible for the type of vacation we wanted. Your facility is so comfortable and clean, and we loved our time on your beach and in your part of the ocean. Many of the places we had considered staying would not have afforded us the awesome snorkeling we enjoyed at Mayan Beach Garden. We will be back -- hopefully sooner, rather than later.

Feel free to quote us!"

Randy and Brenda Forrey (March 2005)

"We had an absolutely fabulous stay with you all and already talk about when to go back. Both MaryAnn and I tanked after we got back even tho the trip was uneventful: we simply missed you all, the place itself, and the community you are building. We were touched especially by Beau's generosity and warmth; please do say hello to him and his lovely wife for us. You and Kim were wonderfully welcoming and we enjoyed Dave's company (Nickie too) immensely. The "Garden" was a visit to paradise for us...we haven't stopped talking about the food! And I just researched and bought a new comprehensive birding guide in preparation for our return!

Our best to all of you at the Garden,"

Roger (03/2005)

"We just wanted to thank you for making our honeymoon memorable and relaxing. We loved our Cabana, the food, and hospitality of you and the staff. Dinner spent with the other guests always was an adventure in listening, as you had no idea where the conversation would end up. (Especially with a radiologist, and OB-GYN, a Veterinarian, your husband, and a couple of teenagers at the table.) We enjoyed our tour to the Biosphere, snorkeling right out front, and our numerous walks along the beach. The birding is great right there on your property, you have everything a birder wants right in your backyard. We have no hesitation in recommending you to our friends, or to anyone who wants something other than a big box resort Mexican vacation. Thanks again!"

Norm & Tricia (03/2005) Bothel, Washington

"It was......fantaastic.....beautiful......relaxing ......everything we were wanting yet thought we'd never find. We're torn between wanting to tell everyone we know about this place and not letting anyone in on the secret. We will be back. That is something we no longer have any control over! Muchas Gracias for all you've done! See you . . . sooner vs. later if all goes well. We wish you all the best.

Hasta Luego,"
Danielle and David Jacobson (02/2005)

"We absolutely loved your place: the room, the food, the beach, and especially the people. Please feel free to quote us, and let us know if there's anything we can do to help you succeed. Great spot!"

The Hayes, Washington

"We can't wait to come back!"

The Burdicks, California

"I wanted to thank you both again for a great time at Mayan Beach Garden.  We loved it there!  I know both Al & I have been telling everyone what a great place to get away.  We've been sending pictures to everyone.  In all, we took 175 pictures.  Thanks for all the good tips on where to go.  We loved the Sian Ka'an  The beaches were unreal!!  We enjoyed your delicious meals.  I've made the banana pancakes, but not as good as Alex's.  The guys were great and let them know again how much we enjoyed them.  Kim, thanks for breaking the ice at the supper table.  You made us all feel at ease.  Marcia, thanks for putting that picture of Allen on your site.  He was pretty pleased.  I was hoping you might do that.  We got back here and, believe it or not, it was in the 70's.  It's been hard getting back into the swing of things,  though.  I keep visioning that beautif ul view that you have.  It seems like it went by so fast.  You guys sure do have the right idea.  What a beautiful spot!  Give our best to Raphael, Alex and Louis.  I thought you might like this picture we took of all of you. You should put this on your site, too.   Thanks so much again for your hospitality and kindness.  You made us feel at home.  Can't wait to come and visit again someday!"

Debbie and Allen (April 2005)

"Wish we were back in Placer in your place. Please say Thank You to Moses & Carolina, they are such beautiful kind people. Thank you for a very beautiful place to live in for a few days, we just loved it & the view made us so homesick for Fiji."

Neil & Ann

"We cannot begin to thank you enough for the wonderful time we had at the Mayan Beach Garden...a home away from home. It was truly magical."

Jamie & Abi, UK

"There are no words to express our feelings! It was wonderful to spend time at Mayan Beach with you. We look forward to coming again. I hope you know how helpful you have been, you are so open, it was great sharing ideas and dreams."

Robin and Camille

"We had a fantastic time in Mexico. The space and quality of the rooms at MBG exceeded our expectations! Your private location on the beach made our vacation very special. We also appreciated the service we received. Please let Moises, Caralina, and Sophia know that we enjoyed their company as well as the service -- especially the food -- we REALLY loved the food. Finally, a pleasant surprise to our stay was the guided tours to the ruins. We had no idea how fun it would be to walk around the ruins listening to Kim describe how the people used to live and operate in the community. Kim is a great tour guide and we can't wait to return -- we are already planning our next visit ! "

The Mortensens, Washington (Feb. 2004)

"We arrived home early this morning in a snowstorm - always makes you feel better about spending the money to go to Mexico on spring break. Just want to tell you thanks again for your wonderful hospitality and delicious food.  We recommended your place to a couple of groups we met afterwards and will continue to do so.  In my fantasy I want to come down for a week (or a month) by myself, bring lots of good books, eat your good food (never got any good salsa fresca after we left), snorkel, and drink a margarita or 2 a day.. . .Thanks for everything,"

Sue MacCarthy (March 2005)

"We wanted to thank you for such a wonderful introduction to "El Placer". Your hospitality, comfortable rooms and yummy meals were such a delight! We really miss our "new friends." Say hi to Moses and family . . .they were so sweet! Give our best to the whole community and hope the "Garden" is coming along as you planned!"

Cynthia and Jeff May

"I want to thank you for preserving a little spot of Heaven for us gringos to enjoy ... I would (and already have) recommend your beautiful place to anyone seeking to restore their soul next to El Mar Caribe... I hope all is well for you. Again, thank you for sharing your beautiful beach and cabanas with us; I can't wait to come back! Oh, and do tell people who want to come there but are afraid to rent a car (like I was) that driving in Mexico is not so bad; I actually loved it... it was an adventure!!!

Hasta pronto,
Cynthy (and Derek) Johnson

"As I sit here in my home office trying to catch up on literally hundreds of emails, its 50 degrees outside and raining, - my mind keeps wandering every few minutes to the beautiful beaches, and new found friends on the Costa Maya. Kathy and I had such a wonderful time at MBG that it’s hard to put into words. You and Kim, and all your great helpers; made us feel like family ; not guests. We simply can;t adequately express our gratitude. That's all for now. I included a picture of just another ugly sunrise at MBG."

John -( April 2005)

"We just wanted to let you both know how much we enjoyed our stay at your place. . . I contemplated making another reservation as soon as this one was winding down.. . .Kim took care of us well, as did Carolina, Moses and the kids. You've got a great little spot there, you guys. I've never contemplated or desired owning land in Mexico, near the ocean, (being more of a western Wyoming kind of guy) but staying at your place had me looking longingly at the undeveloped chunks along the coast as I drove around. . . This was the first time snorkeling for both of us and I think it definitely made a lifelong convert out of Grace. Those little reefs and coral heads are beautiful. . . We had a great time. Grace got in some much needed rest and I guess it shows because some of her colleagues mentioned how relaxed she looks. Hope that look lasts! As for me, I got tan... and that always fades but the fond memories we have of the Mayan Beach Garden surely wont. We look forward to staying with you again. "

Scott and Grace Gabriel

"Doug and I want to thank you for the wonderful time we had at the Mayan Beach Garden! What a fantastic jewel you have there! Kim was so busy the last day we were there and we had to leave at o'dark-thirty the next morning to head back up to Cancun to catch our flight. So we were unable to thank him and to say "hasta luego" (because we will be back!). He's doing an awesome job wearing all the hats it takes to run and build the business! Please tell him we missed seeing him and what a gracious host he was to ensure we had a delightful stay. Also we can't thank him enough for educating us on the "ins-and-outs" of owning land in Mexico. Thanks again and we'll see you down there very soon! "

Doug and Liz Moultrie

"We have been very busy since our return to the world, but have been meaning to write to tell you both what a great time we had at your beautiful little getaway. We appreciate the facility you have built, the food, the wonderful staff and mostly the both of you.     The bad news is that you will be stuck with seeing more of us over the months to come. Thanks again and see you soon. "

John and Valerie McChristy

"We wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the wonderful time we had staying at MBG.  It was more than we expected and we can't wait to come back!  Please send us your chocolate mint cake recipe (if you don't mind) - that was my (Carolyn's) favorite.  And do you know how difficult it is to find chayote in Virginia?  lol...your cooking was one of the highlights of the trip.  I can't keep enough fresh tomatoes in my house for pico de gallo. 

 Your cabanas are awesome - the snorkeling was unreal and your hospitality - the best.  I am attaching a photo of Edu (from the ranch) - she was a pleasure to spend time with on the horseback ride. 

thanks again Kim and Marcia - we look forward to seeing you again"

;-) Mark and Carolyn Famiglietti

Just a quick note to let you know we just got home. Had a great time. I've attached a few pictures we took at your place. It simply doesn't get any better. I posted a long trip report with pictures here:

Ivan & Tracy

"I just wanted to send you a little note to thank you for yours & Kim's great hospitality while we stayed at your little hotel. The food was so very tasty & Kim did his best to make us feel at home.    Eric really enjoyed his conversations with Kim.
We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who wants a nice relaxing atmosphere & a really nice place to stay!"

"Tom and I made it home in great shape, give or take a weather delay or so.  Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed staying at MBG.  Great food, great hosts, great facilities.  We will certainly recommend your inn to anyone wanting a quiet, relaxing place.  One of the nights we were there, you served a squash soup.  I was wondering if you would feel inclined to share your recipe. . .   Again, thanks for a wonderful 3 days. "

Ginger Fears

"WOW - WE HAD SUCH A BEAUTIFUL AND LOVELY TIME AT YOUR PLACE.  Everything exceeded our expectations - particularly your personal touch and the care that goes into each of the great meals you and Alex prepare.  We made it home and actually got all 2,875 sea-beans through customs!  (MBG NOTE: check out We are all already looking forward to next year - our group may be as large as 10 for next year.  Talk with you soon - we love Mayan Beach Garden and really appreciate how special you made our trip."


"Thanks again for the wonderful stay we had at your hotel. The food was great, the room comfortable and best of all was meeting you and your wife and having so many wonderful conversations with the other guests. We will return."

Moe and Lou Pintkowski

" we now endure temperatures below zero with wind chill factors of -35, we often go over our pictures of our lovely week in Placer where the weather AND THE PEOPLE were warm and pleasant!  Your wonderful Mayan Beach Garden was good medicine and we'll never forget it.  Thank you soooo very much for all you put into your work.  It seems like a labor of love because that's what we felt surrounded by when we were there!"

  Love, Marilynne, Kirstin, Emily and Aaron

NOTE from MBG: We love you too!

"We had a great time.

Thanks SOOOOOOOO much for your wonderful hospitality.  We really had a wonderful, relaxing time.  But of course reality hits when you get home.  I waited until this morning to check all my e-mails.  Marc has already left for Canada. My friends in Toronto say he looks relaxed.

Makayla keeps talking about our fun visit to the ruins.  I cant believe how much she enjoyed it after complaining so much that she didn't want to go see them!  We especially enjoyed our trip to the Sian Ka'an Reserve and kayaking through the mangroves.  Kayaking was so fun even if we were out of shape paddlers!

We have no travel stories to report for the return flight.  It was really uneventful.   I will tell you a bit about the experience just to help you help others. We arrived just about  the right time in Chetumal.  Kim dropped us off at about 8:00 (9:25 flight).  There were 2 people in front of us in line.  By the time we were finished checking in (which took about 30 minutes), the line was out the door.  They were really SLOW in the check-in process.  It was a good thing that the plane was only about 1/3 full.  But maybe they knew that so that they could be slow.

After check-in, you wait in another line to go through "customs."  When they feel like opening the rope to this area, they open the rope to enter one party at a time. You push the button for the red/green light lottery. (we had difficulty understanding we were to push the button.  The airline personnel could speak English well enough, but the custom area was difficult to understand).  Then we went through security.  Then we wait in the "holding" area.  A few minutes before boarding, they take your boarding pass stub.  Then you wait for a few minutes until you walk out to board the plane.

From Mexico City to Chetumal, they didn't speak any English on the flight.  But from Chetumal to Mexico City, they seemed to repeat everything in English.  We were not the only English speaking people this flight.  One blonde haired young woman even tagged along with us from Chetumal through the Mexico City airport as she didnt know any Spanish either. (she was heading back to LAX also.)"

Marc and MaryJo (3/2005) California  


Guest Picture Gallery
Pictures graciously sent to us by guests of Mayan Beach Garden

Dave climbing to the top

Jungle Orchid

Kim and bridget
Bridget and Kim with his ever present CocaZero

Eric and Rafa
Eric with main Rafa "the everything guy" at MBG

hammock and bridget
Don't ask me to move

I'm having a good time, even though I'm not smiling.

Marcia and Bridget
Bridget and Marcia

Dinner on rooftop
Romantic dinner on the rooftop

Kohunlich - Withrows
Ruin of Kohunlich - Temple of the masks - May 2009

Playful Turtle (May 2009)

Withrow with fish
Steve with Cero (May 2009)

Post snorkeling pose May 2009

View from Cabana
Pablo's view from the cabana May '09

Turtle shot taken with a disposable Kodak underwater camera 2009

Ingrid in a Hammock
Ingrid asleep in the Hammock 2009

Beach Palapa 2009

waiting for breakfast
Waiting for Breakfast

Iris and Lowell Feb 2009

Iris and Kim on the roof
On the roof top observatory

Pete snorkeling Sian Ka'an Shipwreck

Marcia with Starfish jan 2009

Spotted Eagle Ray
Spotted Eagle Ray Jan 2009

One of the better sunrise shots

Feb. 2008 entrance to MBG

On the roof

Jake and Johnny

Swimming with dolphins

Picture of Aricari (Jerry Britten)

Preparing fish caught by Richard

Breakfast at MBG

Terns waiting (Martha and Kristen)

Aricari in the Papaya tree -J. Stratton

One more Toucan pic by Christopher

Coati photographed by Christopher through the windshield

Lady "Beaners" 2005

Blue Crab

Starfish on the beach

Say "Whiskey!"

Another MBG Sunrise

Endless Beach

Snorkel Lisa

Corona Moment

Thanksgiving at MBG

Beach comber's prizes

Sunrise in August 2005

First Guests -- the Burdicks

Walking on the beach

Barracuda caught in the bay

Adolescent Spider monkey
Visiting the Uyumil Che

Sleeping baby in backpack

Best wireless spot ever!

Sleeping in the most comfortable hammocks in Mexico

Carolyn playing with Baby Stingray

Sunrise at Mayan Beach Garden

Fonzi the Coati (photo by Christopher)

Bonefish caught out front of MBG

Sharing a hammock


View from the roof

Snorkel 101


Marilyn's family

Mahahual Hitch-hiking

Mayan King

Danielle & David - Sunset on the roof

In the MBG kitchen

Marcia with Buddy

From the Hammock

Boogie Boarding

Horseback riding at the ranch

At the ruins

There's a turtle in here somewhere

Blue Damselfish

More Pictures....

Mayan Beach Garden Resort