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Costa Maya Newsletter > Costa Maya-Mahahual Newsletter

******** Costa Maya-Mahahual Newsletter-December 2013 *******

Costa Maya Newsletter: of interest to visitors and property owners and anyone looking to learn more about the Costa Maya, Mahahual / Majahual - Rio Indio - Placer - Uvero - Punta Herrera - Xcalak and other points along Quintana Roo's Southern Coast

Editorial- google guys visit costa maya

Hi Costa Maya Neighbors

The month of November was an exciting place for the Costa Maya. The Google car spent most of the month parked on the beach roads while one of two young men walked along the beaches photographing the Costa Maya from Xcalak to Punta Herrero. Plus I found out that lo and behold - the beach road is now on street view. What that means is that if the beach road is now on street view - Google is everywhere and the world all of a sudden became a smaller place.

Marcia with Baracuda

Mayan Beach Garden was fortunate to host Victor and Sergio as they walked the beaches from Rio Indio to Mosquitero. Engaging and educated young men, it was a pleasure to talk to them about the monumental project of not only mapping all the streets of the world, but to map the beaches too.

Photographed last May, you can now walk the beach road for example from Mayan Beach Garden to Taj Majahual. So if you happen to be fortunate enough to have property, you can take a look at it from the beach road and in about 8 months, you will be able to look at your property from the beach as well!

Google guys

Walking the beach is not always an easy venture when you are wearing 40 pounds of camera equipment fortified with GPS that beams the photos up to Satellite. The beaches in Placer are easy to walk on, but Victor and Sergio (shown above wearing the special camera) had amazing stories of climbing over mountains of turtle grass 8 feet high, walking into the sea to get around mangroves and climbing over treacherous rocky areas south of Mahahual. When they were in Xcalak they had to wait out the continuing rain (as reported about last newsletter). The camera has 4 lenses and shoots a 360 degree image of the surrounding area. It was a beautiful day on the day they passed by here and our beach looked perfect!

Google guy in front of Mayan Beach Garden

google guys and marcia

Victor alerted me 5 minutes before they reached Mayan Beach Garden. I ran down to the beach but wasn't prepared for the speed at which Sergio walked. Their average beach pace is 14 kilometers a day, and they are both in great shape! You wont' ever be able to see me taking a picture, since Google blurs out all the faces, but I'll still be there in spirit probably 10 years from now. The beach pictures should be on line in about 8 months.

If you have never used street view, and are fortunate enough to have property here, you first find it on Google maps and then click on the little man and you can then walk around on Street view. Here is a link to Mayan Beach Garden's location on Google maps. Click on the little man and you will see Mayan Beach Garden, then try it yourself, Its addictive!

Walk by Mayan Beach Garden on the beach road via Google street view. The curent views are dated in April of 2013.

Have a very happy holiday season, and think of us here in the wonderful Costa Maya enjoying warm sunny beaches and palm trees. Today we are cutting down another Australian Pine (the invasive species) and decorating the tree. Please stop by if you are in the area between Christmas Eve and New Years for some Ponche! Although Lupe retired, her Ponche lives on at Mayan Beach Garden!

Your Costa Maya Neighbor,

Marcia Bales. . .writing this from Placer and Mayan Beach Garden Inn - 20 km north of Mahahual.

Past newsletters can be found at NEWSLETTER ARCHIVES

Sign up for up-to-date info at Costa Maya-Mahahual Live Blog with updates and current events


mahahual and Costa maya news

Calendar of events in Mahahual

  • Children's Christmas Party December 15, 2013 at Tequila Beach starting at 5:00 pm
  • 2014 Fundraiser for Kids/Charity of Mahahual - Jan 18, 2014
  • Jatsa'-ja 2014 - New Dates! Stay tuned.

Christmas Carnival (La Fiesta de Navidad por Los Niños)

The Mahahualenas are pleased to announce their 7th annual Christmas party for the children in Mahahual: La Fiesta de Navidad for Los Niños to be held on December 15 at Tequila Beach at 5:00 pm.  We are very pleased to be back at Tequila Beach as it is so ideal to handle our large group.

This year we have added a carnival theme with over ten different activities to help keep the kids entertained while they wait for their photo with Santa – always the highlight of the evening! Each child will have a numbered wristband and will be called up in groups of eight – hopefully reducing the time waiting in line for Santa. Other highlights include soft drinks, pizza and of course, plenty of candy.
We still need a few more volunteers and of course, everyone is invited to come and watch as well. A big thanks to the Mahahualenas for putting together this eagerly anticipated annual event!
For more information, contact Meeche White (

Cafetal-Mahahual highway to receive improvements

It was announced in late August that Cafetal - Mahahual highway will receive 10 million pesos. At the meeting of the Mahahual hotels it was announced that the money will be used to resurface and and some other projects to enhance tourism. We all hope that includes the beach roads. However, already they work has been delayed with no starting date.

Water park to be built in Mahahual (but no water park in sight)

CANCUN, Q. Roo. - Isaac Hamui Abadi announced a tourist park like Xcaret will be built in 2013. He announced that the complex will be built on an area of ​​16 hectares, where there will be water activities like canoeing with a mayan touch.

The project will be an ecological park that encourages visitors from the ships to stay a little longer at port. No name for the park has been announced, but it will be similar to Xcaret in the Riviera Maya, with water activities and contact with nature. In 2006 Hamui presented a similar project which was rejected due to the environmental impact to the Costa Maya. This smaller and more ecological park and he said it should be ready in 2013 or early 2014, but it is rumored that there are some environmental issues that are slowing down the start of the project .

Malecon to be Extended Upon Funding

Approval was made to continue the Malecon another 1.5 km, but there were no funds appropriated to pay for it in 2013. Another request has been made for funding. In this 2nd phase, the malecon will accommodate both cars and pedestrians due to the fact that approval was not given to put a paved road through the mangroves and traffic needs to pass south to access the businesses south of Mahahual. Although FONATUR withdrew plans for the development and funding of the infrastructure of Mahahual, the state's tourist board has requested funds to pay for this from the federal government.

Cruzando Fronteras

The 2nd annual Cruzando Fronteras Arts festival date has been announced. The Festival will occur during the dates of March 1-8th 2014. If you were fortunate enough to attend the festival during 2014, you will remember what a special event it was with workshops, music, art and theater. More information to follow about this event in upcoming newsletters.
Cruzando Fronteras

ADO Continues direct to Cancun airport

The ADO bus returned to Mahahual on Dec. 12th. The Bus leaves the airport at 3:30 and arrives around 9:00 PM in Mahahual at Quinto Sol (next to Tequila Beach Club) after stopping in Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Carrillo Puerto. You can reserve in advance at Mini Super Bere's in the Casitas. Returning to Cancun, it leaves at 8:15 AM from Quinto Sol (next to Tequila beach) and arrives at 2:10 at the airport.

The route stops in Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Felipe Carrillo Puerto. You can buy advanced tickets at Mini Super Bere's up to a week in advance.

The ADO bus does NOT go to Chetumal. The Riviera bus goes to Chetumal at 6:30 and 8:00 AM in the morning and 3:30 in the afternoons. Times may change. .

Business Changes in Mahahual

Carniceria behind Don Kike's

If you are a beef eater, you may miss the fact that availability of cuts of Beef in Mahahual has been spotty. Beginning on Tuesday, December 10, and opening at 7 AM there will be cuts of beef available (RUMINANT BEEF whatever that is). I'm not

Fernando's 100% Agave is back in Business!


After only 2 months of Fernando's 100% agave tequila bar opening, one of the two back to back Tropical depressions that dumped all the rain, also cause the palapa rooftop over Fernando's new store to collapse. The rooftop was quickly repaired and his tequila bar was able to reopen on the 26th of November. Stop by for a great bar and view before heading to one of the restaurants in town. He is open Tuesdays through Saturdays afternoons and evenings.

K@rlitas Cafe

Another big change is that K@rlitas is now open on the 2nd story location that was once El Terraza and later Big Papas. Otto moved his internet tower to the rooftop of the new location on the 29th of October and the new K@rlitas opened in mid November. Karla has hired a baker and chef. She has desserts and breads along with pizza, sandwiches and a special of the day. I'm really going to miss their Huachenango location at the Northeast corner of the football field where I would hang out on evenings when we were slow, but the view is much better now. Their new location is easy to find. Go to the middle of the football field where the little Mayan lady has her fruit stand. They are in the same building on the 2nd floor with access on the corner from the Malecon. Hours are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM - closed on Mondays.

Mayan Beach Garden - News from MBG

New Mosaic floors at Mayan Beach Garden

Deck on Beachfront King

This summer we added two new exterior floor mosaics. One on the 2nd floor balcony rooms and the other in Beachfront King #2. Please stop by and see them! Mosaic porch

Costa Maya Villas - Some availability remaining for Christmas.

Costa Maya Villa Condominiums are now available for rent through Mayan Beach Garden Reservations. These luxury condos have A/C, granite countertops and both the best view and one of the largest pools and hot tub in Mahahual. Every Condo has a great view of the caribbean and one of the deepest Turquoise colors in all of the Costa Maya.
See more pictures. . .

Costa Maya Villas

COCODRILOS - Banco Chinchorro Species

Most people don't realize that there are salt water crocodiles at Banco Chinchorro or that you can dive with them. The following information was compiled by Karen Raffa after a guest lecture from Dr. Pierre Charruau ( ) XTC Dive Center… and after the lecture,  the Speaker and a team from XTC went out on a '3 day tour' to tag and study them.

Cocodrilos grow lengthwise before they grow in weight, so after full length, they will fill out…and shrink a bit. They eat anything, but are NOT aggressive, unless provoked. In captivity they are more aggressive. They even eat garbage, and the plastico’ bags stick to the stomach lining and kills them. If you find one with the mouth open, they are regulating their temperature. They are NOT endangered, but they are vulnerable. Their skins are not sought out for sell or trade.

There ‘were’ 6 males to every female, but lately there are 3 males for every female, which gives the females a break, the female will produce from 5-50 eggs in May (once a year) to hatch in August (wet season) and there will be multiple fathers that contributed to the litter.  The females sometimes die from too much Sex…too many males per female.  The male pumps up his chest when trying to mate and it causes a vibration in the water that sends a wave/signal to the females. 


Sometimes hurricanes can wipe out all the eggs in a season. The sex is determined by temperature-Females if it is either too hot or too cold. Males are born if the temperature is medium. The temp also determines how large the Croc is, their color and how fast they are. Climate change can one way or another effect the population. Incubators can be set at different temps to determine the sex. They stay with their ‘pack’ forever. AND......They can Leap Vertically out of the water! Of all the Mammals the T-Rex has the strongest ‘BITE” and the Crocodile/ Alligator is the next strongest, then the Hyena, lion, dusky shark, gray wolf, human, then lastly the dog.

Why do Americans keep refrigerating their eggs?

I've posted articles about refrigerating eggs in the past, so this is a repeat, but why is it that the United states is the only country that refrigerates their eggs? In fact, in Great Britain, it is illegal to refrigerate eggs. So don't cringe when you go into the markets and see all the eggs sitting on piles that are not being refrigerated. Once you get them to your house you can do what you want with them, but don't feel like you have to sacrifice refrigerator space for the purpose of storing eggs. I've always wondered why the Mexicans are so comfortable eating eggs 3 times a day, but it makes sense if they have no refrigeration, a major source of protein would be something one didn't have to refrigerate

LInk: Why do Americans refrigerate their eggs?

news around Mexico, Quintana Roo and the yucatan peninsula

Expansive Tax changes

On January 1st, of 2014 the new tax law comes into effect that will affect everyone who visits Quintana Roo and especially those who own property, as laws will be changing that affect hiring caretakers. To me, the biggest change is the elimination of small businesses. What that means is that a small business used to operate under the radar and pay a flat fee that covered all of the IVA taxes. Now they will have to report taxes like corporations. Some think that businesses will have to go underground or invest, which may put many out of business. Please talk to your Accountant to see if you need to change strategies, but here is a pretty good article on the new tax laws.

Everyone will be affected by the 5% IVA tax increase. Gas and Diesel will go up over night by 5% as will propane and other Utilities. Expect everyone to be lined up at the Gas station on New Years eve filling up those Tumbos. Sodas and snacks will no longer be exempt from IVA, so those items will go up 16% over night as well.

Protests against Extortion of Tourists

Members of Consulates from 15 countries met with the Mayor of Cancun and police commissioners to protest the continued extortion of tourists in the state. All consulates that participated said there had been an increase of complaints from tourists visiting the state. If you are stopped by a policeman, insist on a ticket and if they just argue, let them know you won't bribe an official, get in your car and drive away. It sounds bold, but their tactic is to wear you down until you pay them something. Remember, Extortion is illegal and paying a policeman on the side of the road is illegal. Insist on their badge number so you can report them. They know what they are doing is illegal. You would know it too and don't hesitate to report it to your consulate. The consulates have banded together to fight this illegal activity, so help them by reporting incidents.

Mandatory Auto Insurance in Mexico - Effective Oct 1 2013

Finally, the law is requiring mandatory auto insurance for all drivers in Mexico. Those who fail to meet this obligation will be granted with fines that start at $ 1,295.00 Mx Pesos. If you have let your insurance lapse, please remember that this will not only be required, but a policeman at a random stop can ask you to show them the insurance. Make sure a copy is in your car.

Paying Othon P. Blanco Property Taxes on Line (instructions)

I've mentioned this a few times in the newsletter about paying Taxes on line and have heard back from two sources who were successful.This will allow you to pay your own Costa Maya Property taxes from the anywhere in the world and save having to pay someone to do it for you - plus you have a digital copy of the payment. It is possible if you have not paid your 2014 taxes, that you can do so now using that link. NOTE: if you pay in December there is a 25% discount.

One thing is certain, make sure and disable pop-up blockers on whichever browser you are using. We've heard success from people using both Firefox and Google Chrome, but it may not work for you, so try another browser if you can't get it to work. The benefit to Google Chrome is that it has an auto-translate function that works on this site.

Instructions (thanks to your Costa Maya Neighbors Loyd & Barb Saenger):

Put in Catastral #: ours is 17 numbers long -- put in all 17 - then click on BUSCAR (search) for your tax for that property.  You should see your property info (Owner name/type), and 2014 tax amount, etc. Click "Realizer Pago" (Make Payment). This is where you have to allow pop ups, and it will pop up a payment window to enter Visa/Mastercard info.

Site is secure - after I paid for our 1st property (we own 3) - B of A (my credit card) - put a hold on the account - called me within 2 minutes and asked about the transaction - after verifying information and telling them would have 2 more - they released the hold and was able to pay the other two properties without an issue. This is a very easy way for owners that are not in Mexico when the discounts are offered to pay their taxes.

Have a GREAT Holiday Season, Loyd & Barb Saenger


I love you Xcalak

XCALAK POLLY What's New in Xcalak

I am seeing everything here as new, had my cataracts removed and Oh boy, the colours, ocean, birds, flowers, well, all are fabulous. I am back walking the beach and have been having an "Osprey fest".


Yesterday I watched one catch his/her lunch and a Frigate bird appeared as magic out of nowhere and began harassing the osprey for the fish. They disappeared behind some mangroves for a minute and then the frigate reappeared and flew off. The Osprey then flew straight over me clutching the fish.
I took my niece to the bus station in Mahahual last Saturday and we parked up to wait. I noticed this Osprey right opposite us busy eating breakfast, my niece made a video of it and took these great photos.
Roseated Spoonbills Orchids
Merry Christmas

Xcalak national Park - based on a meeting held May 13, 2013

Compiled by Karen Raffa

CONANP Park Staff:
Maricarmen:  Director of the Xcalak Reef National Park and the Chinchorro Banks Biosphere Reserve
Jorge Gomez Poot:  Sub-Director of the Xcalak National Park  jgomez@conanp,  or
Carito Ruiz Lozano:  Chief of Enforcement: Carin:  
Ericka:  Office contact and National Park Xcalak station operation coordinator.
Leonardo: Chief of Public use, Tourist Projects (starting July 15th).
Felipe:  Chief of Fishing Projects
2 Captains:  Jorge Marcelo and Marcelo
Oscar:  President of Advisory Committee

Residents present at the meeting:
Marty and Vickie Rosenzweig, Caroline Wexler, Anne Lansing, John Bohlman, Karen Raffa and Greg Krenik, Jules and 3 XTC employees, Javier Salas-XTC is the  sub-committee member representing Hotel owners and our interpreter for the evening.

Definitions and Roles

The CONANP staff act as Park Rangers and are in the Park to supervise the rules and stop illegal activity such as fishing, and netting in the lagoons.  CONANP explained their role as Caretakers of the Parque, they do NOT make the rules,  they are here to enforce them. 
The Parque was made a National Protected Park on Nov 27th of 2000, as per the request of the residents of Xcalak in 1996.  They were worried that what happened in Mahahual could happen in our town and they took steps to have it protected by the Mexican Government ’t.  It took 4 years (1996-2000) to get a Presidential decree to protect our park (La Poza makes it so Unique) and to control the growth (something that Mahahual did not do).

PROFEPA is the Enforcement Agency for the Protection of the Environment.  Each State in Mexico has their own Inspectors.  Our one inspector is out of Chetumal.  PROFEPA investigates violations of the rules and regulations of the park (land or water) and will issue fines.   Anything changed by humans without a permit (example: clearing land, building houses or piers, cutting trenches or cutting endangered chit palms or mangroves) is under their jurisdiction and any infractions will result in a fine.  Fishing and tourism are under their jurisdiction. (I don’t think they are the actual prosecutors as that goes before a judge, but these are all Federal Crimes)

POET is a document, standing for “Territorial and Ecological Zoning Program”.  They designate certain areas as high density, low density, residential vs. hotel zones. 

The homes and roads that are within the Park are not under jurisdiction of the Park but are under the jurisdiction of PROFEPA Federal Prosecutor for the Protection of the Environment and POET. Also, the homes and the roads are influencing zones for the Park.

CONAPESCA is the federal agency that controls and regulates the fishing in the Park.  There are two officials: Secretariat and Administrator of Environment and two inspectors.  They develop a management plan for specific areas.  There is a local advisory committee that meets every six months to discuss the conservation and environmental education actions and results in the Park and in the town of Xcalak.  In this committee there are representatives of NGO’s, federal government such as SEMAR (Marines Secretary) Harbor Master of Xcalak, CONANP, etc . 

The Xcalak Park Rangers supervise the rules of CONAPESCA and try to stop illegal activity but they do not always have input as to what the rules are within the park.  They meet with the agency to discuss some of the rules.  For example:  quotas on lobsters, grouper and clamming.
Rules and regulations:

There are specific zones for fishing and specific zones for tourist activities and other zones that prohibit fishing within the Park, these zones are called “restricted use zone”.  There is a map (see below) that shows these restricted zones.  The zone just north of Habna which is just north of the old lighthouse and Mio Maya to Xahuachol including Rio Huache is a no fishing zone of any kind (restricted use zone). 
The zone near Belize and Bacalar Chico is also a no fishing zone and also south of Portillas.  The Park is trying to bring back Grouper.

Conch (officially named Queen Conch) has a Moratorium –it is prohibited to harvest or eat for 5 years…NO fishing for Conch.  This is a Federal law everywhere in Mexico and is punishable by Federal court.
There is public fishing around Xcalak in the blue zone of the map. 

If you are a tourist and want to fish you must get a fishing permit or license from SAGARPA (Agriculture, Livestock,  rural development, fishing and feeding Secretary) if you want to fish from a boat. 
You must release your catch if you are a fly-fishing fisherman. 
To keep fish you must go outside the reef where the depth is 100 meters.
Fishing with a line and a hook is allowed for everyone as long as people do it in the zones for fishing and from the beach. You don’t need a permit for this activity.

Residents may fish from shore or boat with a line and a hook and may keep their catch for their own consumption but cannot sell that fish.  Only Co-op members can sell fish.

Lobster:  The season for lobster is July 1 –Feb 28.  Lobster may only be caught with a lasso and caught live (no spear guns) and only by local Co-op members.  The fishing co-op is made up of about 30 members and 20 apprentices and they are the only ones who may take out lobster. 
The Co-op has a concession and lobster is only supposed to be sold out of the fishing Co-op.  Technically you cannot buy lobster from these fisherman… unless they take it to the Co-op headquarters and sell it there.  The headquarters is the newly painted blue and white building near the plaza in the center of town.  There is a minimum size lobster that is allowable to catch which is 13.5 centimeters of tail.  The Small lobsters and the females with eggs that are being taken are affecting the lobster population.

You must get a receipt from the Co-op when you purchase lobster.
The Co-op in Xcalak is not functioning very well.  It has been difficult in the past to buy lobster or fish from them directly.  The Park said that they will be working with the Co-op to try and facilitate a way to sell fish and lobster to the residents of Xcalak.  Right now many of the lobsters and fish are taken out of town to big buyers and the residents don’t have a chance to be able to buy fish or lobster from the Co-op.  Maricarmen said that they were going to try to set up a way to put in an order to the co-op so that residents could be assured of getting fish and lobster.  Many Co-op members who fish or catch lobster in Chinchorro take their catch to the Co-op in Mahahual and from there it is sent out to the big buyers.  It is possible to go to the Mahahual Co-op and buy fish and lobster there, but it would be much better if the Co-op here became more organized so that all of us have the ability to buy lobster and fish legally.  

All of the fishing boats who are Co-op members have an orange stripe on the side of their boat. 

If they come to your dock to sell fish, technically you cannot buy from them directly, you must buy from the Co-op headquarters and remember to get a receipt. 

Life Jackets are REQUIRED on all boats and kayaks.  It is strongly suggested to wear the life jacket but it is legally required to have one ON the boat.  This is not only for your own safety but for rescue operations as well and it is one of the rules of the tourist activities in the Park. 

No net fishing inside the reef or in the lagoons. Circular hand nets for bait are allowed. In the Management program in section 4 “Fishing commercial activities dispositions” rule No. 58 - strictly prohibits the use of nets in lagoons and lagoons entrances, with the exception of circular hand nets “atarrayas” for catching bait.
No Spear guns for fishing or lobster fishing is allowed.  Spear fishing is ONLY allowed to hunt Lion Fish with a Hawaiian sling which is longer than a regular spear. 

A maximum of 200 people are allowed to be on the water at any one time in Xcalak or no more than 40 boats-which ever comes first…we are far from that number in the present tourist season.

Specific Problems of Patrolling the Park
Educating the Marines and Police on the rules on the Park.  Both the Marines and “local” Police are transferred in and out of Xcalak on a monthly basis so each month the Park has to inform the Police and Marines on the rules and regulations.  The Marines are now accompanying the Park Rangers on raids to confiscate nets, catch people fishing or taking conch or lobster illegally. Xcalak is the only place where Federal/State/Local/Army/Navy all meet every 2 months to address Environmental impacts here.  There is currently 1 person in Jail for a FEDERAL crime (which is what any Park crime is) and they have confiscated 30 boats and lots of equipment.

They will be checking tourists for bracelets. Everyone, except residents needs a bracelet.  Visiting family & friends need a bracelet.  Bracelets can be bought for $54mxn at XTC individually or hotel owners can order multiples through XTC.  You can also purchase a full year pass from the Park which admits you in all other national parks without any other fees.  This costs about 283 pesos and is a good way for residents to support the Park.  All proceeds from bracelets and yearly passes go back to the specific Park. 

The reason why CONANP cannot ‘sell’ the bracelets, which they were doing for our convenience, is because they cannot accept the liability to take that money to Chetumal and then take it to the bank-which all along- each business was supposed to do it on their own. So Javier @ XTC has taken the liability and given us the convenience, he has bracelets for sale at the XTC Dive Center.  
The Federal Government ’t of Mexico has NO Treasury Department-they use the banks to have citizens make ALL payments.

The main areas of poaching that the Park is working on: 

  • Punta Gavilon where there has been a lot of conch poaching, lagoons, where there has been netting and the use of spear guns.
    There have been a lot of nets, boats and engines confiscated over Semana Santa.
  • People clearing land without permits, setting up mooring buoys, damage to the reef by boats and illegal building.
  • The park is assessing the damage of the sailboat that is now on the reef and will be removing the damaged coral and relocating the coral so it can grow elsewhere and then they will remove the boat.
  • Oil spillage and pollution are also issues when boats hit the reef.  There are huge fines up to $100,000 for damaging the reef.  (Update-the shipwreck is gone, we had some stormy weather and high tides and it is off the reef and it has sunk).

The Park also works in training guides, who are local people to monitor waste management.
Programs for the youth, puppet shows, beach cleaning, and they also have a grant to pay the local people to clean the beach.   

Maggie mae in Mexico - Tres Cumpleanos in Xcalak
(courtesy of our guest writer - Maggie Mae)

Hola mis Amigos,

I cannot continue to speak in Spanish because my Mom would have to translate it and she takes too long, so we will have to speak in my homeland language.  I am now three years old!!!

We live in another country now, not sure what that means, but one thing for sure “we are not in Kansas anymore”, said the pretty girl to the little puppy (I love that movie).  We have finally moved from Texas to a place where my Dad and I can play and he can “heal” Mom has been teaching him “heal” for a long time and I think he is getting it!  I know I got it many years ago, so I try to help Dad with that too. 

I have learned a lot of new things.  Dad is teaching me to Stand Up Paddle (SUP), first I got on the wind surfer with carpet on it and then the real thing…I also tried Mom’s kayak, but there isn’t enough room and it is very slippery to stand in, so I walk or swim, depending where I get off at, out to Dad and get on his board.  They say ‘get in the boat’ and I climb on. It is way cool, I don’t even get wet if we take off from the beach.  I just stand and look around and balance.  I try to turn around when Mom goes in her kayak another way-that messes Dad up and he has to make lots of moves to keep us out of the water, we haven’t fallen in YET.  He even takes me right into the beach and I step off onto dry land-how cool is that?
I also like to lay under things, we never had anything for me to go under before and I really like it, there is a counter in the bathroom and I sneak under there and hang out…my own place.
Last week Dad left us and went in the car –by himself- to the airport and then to the Doctors (where we lived all Summer) and he was gone FOREVER (like 5 days-Mom said)-FOREVER.  And we did things and I had to make sure I stayed near Mom every minute, in case she needed me…and of course she did.  We walked and cleaned up the beach road and we played (not really like Dad plays with me-but she tried).  We never went in the boats, not sure why?  Finally Dad came home and had a beard-bad for face licking- and had NO More CANCER…that is a Big Deal-so I guess we don’t have to go back and live in Houston anymore-whew-I am kind of getting used to this Beach Life…and our new digs.  So, all the humans are very happy and now we get to have fun for the rest of our lives….YAY for ME!
So, I am having a Great Birthday…I got a new bed-actually Mom told me that- but, I know it is the old bed with just some new fabric-she sewed on it.  But, it looks pretty and I need this one outside on the portal because I don’t have anything out there.  I almost didn’t get my bed; because the loud jumpy machine Mom was using broke-but Dad (our Hero) worked on it and FIXED IT. So it is finished with a zipper and all!  Next, Mom has to get the Outdoor bed sanded and ready…she said that is her next BIG project, we will see.
Our new Casa has a new name (there are no addresses) – “La Luz Azul del Caribe” (thanks Cousin Jacque) means the Blue light on the Caribbean-Mom & Dad put up the Blue Light, it was also in our home in New Mexico and now in Old Mexico…it looks very good and reminds me of ‘home’.  It is from Mom’s house (when she was growing up).
We live on a white sandy beach and then behind our home is the Jungle and there are tons of eerie sounds coming from there-mostly birds I hope.  A neighbor told Mom there are Panthers back there and I think I smelled something BIGGER than me one morning and I high-tailed it back to the house.  But, I have never seen a panther-actually, I do not want to see one.  But, there are cool birds with sounds. There are tons of egrets and Herons and they fish everyday-in the low tide at dinner time.  They walk very slow with their backward bending knees (how do they do that?) and they wait forever to finally dive their head into the water and ALWAYS come up with some HUGE thing…it is Bizarre; they are very good fisher birds.  I just sit and watch them, and then I go in and eat my dinner in my bowl, much easier.  I still eat 3 meals a day, mainly because so do my parents and it is nice to all eat together…I love FOOD!  
Mom & Dad always seem to be busy here, I just watch them until I want to play, then I grab a ball and jump in the middle of what they are doing or I bark at them to come play with me. I think they are ‘making the place ours’ says Mom. They are glad they brought everything with them, I must admit it is nice to have ‘our stuff’. I’ve got some real neat places to lay around right in front of the windows so I get the breeze…I also can see out every window in the house so I am the worlds best guard dog…no sound gets by me!!
So, I think I have caught you up to speed, my Birthday was fun and Mom also made me a necklace to match the ankle things Mom & Dad have on there feet.  It is very light and I cannot even see it around my neck, but, we all match and they are my pack, so I go with it!  Mom took a picture with me and my new necklace and my bed.  The other pictures are the doggies fishing, the bird fishing, me and Dad on the boards, the day Mom's laundry line. And that’s it for another year…unless they let me write the Christmas letter…it will have to be e-mail this year because there is no mailman down here.
Happy Birthday to ME!
Love you all and tell us what’s going on with your doggies and humans.
Maggie Mae in Mexico


Maggies Birthday

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