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Costa Maya Newsletter > Costa Maya-Mahahual Newsletter

******** Costa Maya-Mahahual Newsletter-October 2013 *******

Costa Maya Newsletter: of interest to visitors and property owners and anyone looking to learn more about the Costa Maya, Mahahual / Majahual - Rio Indio - Placer - Uvero - Punta Herrera - Xcalak and other points along Quintana Roo's Southern Coast

Editorial- october rains

Hi Costa Maya Neighbors

Happy Halloween to everyone and I hope you take the opportunity to enjoy Day of the Dead, my favorite Mexican holiday. Thankfully, the Costa Maya lived through hurricane season with only a couple of tropical depressions. The depressions, however, brought a tremendous amount of rain. So much so, that Rio Indio showed us all how it camed to be named Rio Indio. Locals are still flocking to the "Rio" to catch snook and other fish with harpoons.

Marcia with Baracuda

Little lagunas are forming in the roads and especially in Kilometer 55, where the poorer of the population lives. The high water has been an inconvenience, but nothing like the state-wide teacher's strike.

The federal government of Mexico is trying to raise the education standards of public schools. Things like testing of teachers, elimination of nepotism and student testing are things that can be applauded. However, there seems to be some other things that are harder to swallow like forced age retirement and privatization of schools. Neither side seems to want to concede any points. The statewide strike has been going on since the beginning of school and it looks like it will continue through 2013. Meanwhile the teacher's strikes are an annoyance to everyone. By the hundreds they block highways on a regular basis. Felipe Carrillo Puerto seems to be a favorite location for halting traffic on 307. Long lines build up before hot tired drivers are allowed to pass. There isn't a short way around it either - so be prepared to have to stop at least for a few minutes. Although they may only block traffic for 30 minutes, the backups can take longer to clear.

Rio Indio Fishing

NOTE: there have been occurrences of the ADO not arriving because of the strike. Be prepared for a plan B if you are using public transportation.

So what are the children doing? I talked to my staff who say their children are doing schoolwork at home. I'm not sure how many mothers are that motivated since many mom's have to work in small tiendas or are not that educated themselves. One can see children tucked away in corners of shops and restaurants playing quietly and many of them can be seen taking advantage of the good fishing in the new lagoons and rivers.

Your Costa Maya Neighbor,

Marcia Bales. . .writing this from Placer and Mayan Beach Garden Inn - 20 km north of Mahahual.

Past newsletters can be found at NEWSLETTER ARCHIVES

Sign up for up-to-date info at Costa Maya-Mahahual Live Blog with updates and current events


mahahual and Costa maya news

Calendar of events in Mahahual

  • 1st ever Wahoo de plata (Silver Wahoo) tournament Nov. 29, 30,& 1st of Dec.
  • 19 of AUG - local schools started - OOPS - no school due to strike
  • Children's Christmas Party December 15 at Tequila Beach starting at 5:00 pm
  • 2014 Fundraiser for Kids/Charity of Mahahual - Jan 18, 2014
  • FESTIVAL CRUZANDO FRONTERAS 2014 (date not announced, last year it was Feb. 18-24).
  • Jatsa'-ja 2014 - New Dates! Stay tuned.

Jats'a Ja' 2014 Potential date change

Because of the low turn-out the last couple of years, there is talk of moving Jats'a' a ja' to another date next year. Stay tuned! For certain it will not be in August.

1st Ever Wahoo Tournament in Mahahual

Wahoo tournament

Last month the municipio and the state were broke - so it is with some surprise that this new tournament has such a big purse. It is a governor's cup, so governor Borge will be shooting the starting gun. First place is a Pickup, second prize is $75000 pesos, third prize is a boat, and 4th and fifth prizes receive motorcycles. If you are already aware of this tournament, please not the date changed from earlier announcements. As of this time, the date above is correct.

Cafetal-Mahahual highway to receive improvements

It was announced in late August that Cafetal - Mahahual highway will receive 10 million pesos. At the meeting of the Mahahual hotels it was announced that the money will be used to resurface and and some other projects to enhance tourism. We all hope that includes the beach roads.

Water park to be built in Mahahual (repeat)

CANCUN, Q. Roo. - Isaac Hamui Abadi announced a tourist park like Xcaret will be built this year. He announced that the complex will be built on an area of ​​16 hectares, where there will be water activities like canoeing with a touch Maya.

The project will be an ecological park that encourages visitors from the ships to stay a little longer at port. No name for the park has been announced, but it will be similar to Xcaret in the Riviera Maya, with water activities and contact with nature. In 2006 Hamui presented a similar project which was rejected due to the environmental impact to the Costa Maya. This smaller and more ecological park should be ready in 2013 or early 2014.

ADO Continues direct to Cancun airport

The ADO bus returned to Mahahual on Dec. 12th. The Bus leaves the airport at 3:30 and arrives around 9:00 PM in Mahahual at Quinto Sol (next to Tequila Beach Club) after stopping in Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Carrillo Puerto. You can reserve in advance at Mini Super Bere's in the Casitas. Returning to Cancun, it leaves at 8:15 AM from Quinto Sol (next to Tequila beach) and arrives at 2:10 at the airport.

The route stops in Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Felipe Carrillo Puerto. You can buy advanced tickets at Mini Super Bere's up to a week in advance.

NOTE: due to the teacher's strike - expect slow downs or even cancelations of the ADO bus. Have a plan "B" if you are traveling by bus from Cancun.

The ADO bus does NOT go to Chetumal. The Riviera bus goes to Chetumal at 6:30 and 8:00 AM in the morning and 3:30 in the afternoons. Times may change. .

Business Changes in Mahahual

Fernando's 100% Agave is temporarily out of commission!

After only 2 months of Fernando's 100% agave tequila bar opening, one of the two back to back depressions that dumped all the rain, also cause the palapa rooftop over Fernando's new store to collapse. His Liquor store was not affected - so those of you who rely on him to buy Tequila - you'll still be able to purchase that basic necessity. We'll post here when the tequila bar reopens - He is optimistic it will be in November. .

K@rlitas Cafe opens in a new location

Another big change is that K@rlitas will be opening in the 2nd story location that was once El Terraza and later Big Papas. Otto moved his internet tower to the rooftop of the new location on the 29th of October and the new K@rlitas will be opening the first part of November. Karla plans on introducing new desserts and breads along with pizza, sandwiches and a special of the day. I'm really going to miss their Huachenango location at the Northeast corner of the football field where I would hang out on evenings when we were slow. Their new location is easy to find. Go to the middle of the football field where the little Mayan lady has her fruit stand. They are in the same building on the 2nd floor with access on the corner from the Malecon.

Castaways is now Tropicante Gifts and Bookstore

Tropicante book store

Some of you will remember Castaways used bookstore that used to be located next to Aromas. A generic pharmacy moved into the Castaway's old location and Allen and Nancy moved their Castaways bookstore into Tropicante restaurant on the Malecon changing the name to Tropicante Gifts and Bookstore. They buy, sell, and trade used books. The price for paperbacks is 30 pesos, hard bounds with paper cover intact are 50 pesos and they also have a selection of special books at varying prices. They will trade 2 for 1 as long as the books are not damaged and since the space is limited they only accept books that they do not have. The store sells gift bags and ribbon, local Mexican crafts and nick knacks as well as a selection of ceramic mugs by Mara. Hours are 10 to 4. From Sept. 7th until Oct. 15th they will only be open on cruise ship days. NOTE: I found a spanish version of scrabble there - much to the delight of my Mexican guests who like scrabble.

Allen and Nancy

Mayan Beach Garden - News from MBG

Mayan Beach Garden gets ready for Day of the Dead and Thanksgiving

Mayan Beach Garden welcomes all of you to join us on Day of the Dead and Thanksgiving. We challenge you to show up on Day of the dead with your face painted like skeletons and sample Favi's famous Relleno Negro with hand made tortillas, meatballs, and chicken all in a blackened sauce and finished off with day of the dead bread. (If you don't care to wear makeup - no problem, you won't be alone!

Thanksgiving is pretty traditional at Mayan Beach Garden with the addition of chipotle Cranberry sauce. If you in the area, please join us.

Email for more information and reservations

New Mosaic floors at Mayan Beach Garden

This summer we added two new exterior floor mosaics. One on the 2nd floor balcony rooms and the other in Beachfront King #2. Please stop by and see them! Mosaic porch

Costa Maya Villas - Some availability remaining for Christmas.

Costa Maya Villa Condominiums are now available for rent through Mayan Beach Garden Reservations. These luxury condos have A/C, granite countertops and both the best view and one of the largest pools and hot tub in Mahahual. Every Condo has a great view of the caribbean and one of the deepest Turquoise colors in all of the Costa Maya.
See more pictures. . .

Costa Maya Villas

New portable devices regulations for flying

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has given airlines the ability to expand the use of personal electronic devices for passengers on board. That means you could soon be able to listen to your music or read books on an e-reader from gate-to-gate on your flight. Individual airlines will have the ability to determine when it is safe for passengers to use their electronic devices. For more information on the new regulations: 

FAA new regulations

news around Mexico, Quintana Roo and the yucatan peninsula

Mandatory Auto Insurance in Mexico - Effective Oct 1 2013

Finally, the law is requiring mandatory auto insurance for all drivers in Mexico. Those who fail to meet this obligation will be granted with fines that start at $ 1,295.00 Mx Pesos. If you have let your insurance lapse, please remember that this will not only be required, but a policeman at a random stop can ask you to show them the insurance. Make sure a copy is in your car.

New refuge areas to protect the lobster

The National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (Conanp) has announced that as of September 12, 2013 the Mexican Caribbean has added four new fish sanctuary areas. The aim of the initiative is to enable the natural reproduction and recovery of marine species, including the lobster, and maintain long-term productivity. The refuge areas are in Espiritu Santo Bay and Banco Chinchorro. They cover some 144 kilometers of territorial waters, which are protected from commercial capture activities and consumption. The fishermen cooperated with the authorities in selecting the zones within their concession with the goal of lobster fishery recovery and ecosystem restoration.

Good news.

Paying Othon P. Blanco Property Taxes on Line (Repeat)

I have not tried this yet, since we paid our taxes this year before I knew about this link. Without actually having experienced it, it appears that all you need is your Catastral number. I can't try this again until next November when they accept property tax payments for the upcoming year, but this should allow you to pay your own Costa Maya Property taxes from the US. It is possible if you have not paid your 2013 taxes, that you can do so now using that link. If someone is successful - please let me know your experience and we can pass it along.

(I've since talked to someone who successfully was able to log on and see how much they owed in arrears, but they couldn't pay for some reason.)

Lionfish hunting on-line

Polly and I try once a week to meet in Mahahual and attempt to purchase a Lionfish dish for lunch. I know my fish pretty well, and there are a lot of waiters pretending that other fish are lionfish. So far, the only sure restaurant we can consistently trust is Rosy's at Caballo Blanco, where Tina would never think of serving another fish dressed up as lion fish. There is a lot of information about Lionfish on-line. I'd love to see more of it in Mahahual, but there really aren't a lot of fishermen going after them. More requests for lionfish might make a difference. . . . IF you can believe the waiters. The best thing to do is become educated.

World Lionfish Hunters Association:

What does Lionfish Taste like?

Gynna - Lionfish hunter from Akumal:

Lion equipment:



I love you Xcalak

XCALAK POLLY What's New in Xcalak

Rather than write a lot this week, Polly found a guest writer for this month, Crispin Boyer, plus she sent me a lot of "Newsy" photos. Xcalak is well represented this month with Maggie Mae also pitching in. Both are below Polly's photos.


This is Flecci, one of my first rescue dogs at her forever home in Germany. Her name is now Fletchen and she can now be the princess she always yearned to be.

I am down to 5 lovely girls, still need GOOD homes. All spayed and house trained . .........



Xcalak water purification plant

Xcalak Water Plant

New Military Barracks and both pictures below are from the new fisherman's Co-Op restaurant opening in November. They will have Ceviche, lobster and fish dishes.

Military Barracks
Inside Restaurant
Fishermen's restaurant

At the same time as finding the Royal Tern (see below) there was a Booby sitting on the town pier. The people fishing would throw it a few sardines but it looked so forlorn poor thing. luis, bird man of Xcalak came to look and said it was a young one as was the tern. Luckily there is a fisherman that likes animals that I talk to, he, Fernando started feeding the Booby with sardines everyday. Within a week the Booby had taken a few practice flights and then took off.

If you should be in the vicinity of Xcalak town pier and see a white haired woman with 5/6/7 dogs looking skyward and saying something. ....... It's me calling, Freddie, Freddie is that you??

Tern of Events: An Xcalak Couple Fosters a Royal Beach Bird

By Guest writer Crispin Boyer, Xcalak resident

Less than a month after my wife and I moved to Xcalak, our excellent neighbor Pauline Heasman thought we should make a new friend. She introduced us to a young royal tern in trouble. The little bird squatted listlessly on the beach in front of XTC Dive Center, displaying none of the regal aloofness common to others in his flock (or “highness,” as a flock of terns is called). We took the tern home, fed him some de-boned sardines, and named him Freddie.

Our foster tern took a turn for the better on day two. He had more pep in his step but absolutely no stride in his glide (we think Freddie’s mom never taught him to fly). He was our best friend at lunchtime; otherwise, he was too cool for our casa. A typical menu: Stinky sardines served with sugar water squirted from a distilled-water bottle. By day three, he was splashing in the ocean, which seemed to activate some essential instincts. My wife, Ramah, saw him land after a successful test flight. He was still perfectly amicable at mealtimes but otherwise indifferent to us. Typical teenager, right? We had one scare that evening when a stray dog wandered down the beach and sized Freddie up like a McNugget. We put the silly bird in his cardboard bed on our balcony for protection. He fell right to sleep.

On day four, we had liftoff! Freddie took wing in the late morning, after I tried feeding him a gecko accidentally squished in the bathroom door (perhaps Freddie figured we were down to slim pickings and decided to split).

Royal Tern
He was last seen soaring north with confidence toward Costa de Coco's fishing resort. He left us feeling like sad empty nesters—and with a freezer full of sardines—but perhaps he'll drop by to say hola some afternoon. Fair winds and godspeed, silly tern!
Maggie in Mexico - the first year in Xcalak
(courtesy of our guest writer - Maggie Mae)
Did you miss me?  I think I have a lot to catch you up on since we moved to Mexico.  Mom & Dad told me I had to go outside and play and meet new friends, so I was not allowed on the computer the first year we got here… and YES, a Swiss Mountain Dog can be a Beach Dog!  Dad just told Mom our first whole year of ‘Summer’ is coming to a close, gosh I like Summer!

My life is simple and fun and it doesn't matter to me that the closest city is 2 ½ hours away, cause I have everything I need.  Every morning Mom & I go walking south about one km and I get to see all my friends.  Tootsie lives closest to us, so we pick her up (from Casa Carolina) on the way south and that is when the fun starts. 

Maggie and tootsie
Me and Tootsie on our walk

We all get in a pack and say “Hola” and then we run around and go find Charlie-he is my favorite boyfriend, he almost looks like me-but does not have any white on his face or chest - and he is SO fast…and he always plays like a real dog should play and he is NOT afraid that I am double his size.  I get down on the sand and we roll around and slide off each other and hold onto each others necks.  He has never hurt me and I would never hurt him-intentionally-but, I am 50 lbs bigger than him, so sometimes it happens.

Then we all go walking on this long wood thing and walk out on top of the water, we are not touching the water-we are walking above it…it is so cool…but is really weird when the waves hit it from underneath.  It gets a little crowded with all of us and Mom walking and we are always stopping to mess around, so sometimes some of us fall off the wooden thing and get wet and have to swim to the sand and come running back to the group. It only happened to me once and I will make sure that I don’t fall in the water anymore.  I am the biggest so I have to be careful.  But, Kimbo (also known as Senor Besos) is always kissing all of us and it is hard to keep going around in circle to avoid the kisses and not fall off!

Dad on his wind surfer

Vets at the clinic
Vets at the clinic

It is pretty warm here in the summer, 86° and when the wind is not blowing…I like to lie around under the ceiling fans. Luckily we live on the ocean, so mostly there is a breeze... and Dad is out windsurfing on about half of those, he has been windsurfing a lot and cannot believe that NO ONE else does it, so he is going to give lessons and hopefully get a few more people to play with him. Winter is approaching so it will drop to 82°. I like winter best…no biting bugs, I get to lay out in the sun for as long as I want.

We live at the beach, but on the other side of the beach road is the jungle, and there are lots of critters.   Mom got a great picture of an Osprey…that’s a big bird…and he had a wing span longer than 6 feet! There are lots of birds here, big ones, colorful ones and real noisy ones.

Everything is different down here, a lot slower, simpler but not easier, we are 'off the grid' except for internet, we are getting used to it, we can do it together because we are a pack…and I love them and this life they have given me!  We are Very Happy!

Lots of licks and kisses to all of you, Maggie Mae

Maggie in Mexico
This is me, Maggie Mae

Tootsie and I run to our friends Kimbo and Dobby-who come running as soon as they see us and then the doggie fun begins! 

Casey(Dobby) in the water, Charlie, Bernardo & Tootsie

Charlie, my boyfriend

Long wooden thing
Long wooden thing in the water

Sometimes Dad surprises us and goes by us real fast on his wind surfer…I like watching him go back and forth.

We are getting to see all the puppies grow up and I hope there are no more born.  Some of the locals do not treat their dogs like the way American parents do, they are not companions, they are just animals.  My Mom worked at the Vet clinic in April and helped to fix about 60 animals in the Puebla.  She will do it again…and get the doggies that got missed last time.  I do not go and help, there are too many dogs being led to their unknown destiny.

Every night after dinner, I moan and talk to my Dad and get him off his butt, I want him to run…I get him to go outside and I give him a big head start then I chase him around the outside of the house and catch him, when I do I grab his shorts…we do this a bunch of times and then up and down the beach too, this is my last bit of fun for the day and then we come in and we watch movies.
Me and Dad
Me and Dad playing



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