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Costa Maya Newsletter > Archived Costa Maya Newsletters > Costa Maya-Mahahual January -2021 Newsletter

*********** Costa Maya-Mahahual Newsletter-Jan 2012 **********

Costa Maya Newsletter: of interest to visitors and property owners and anyone looking to learn more about the Costa Maya, Mahahual / Majahual - Rio Indio - Placer - Uvero - Punta Herrera - Xcalak and other points along Quintana Roo South

Editorial- Looking Towards 2012 - Where Will You Be?

Hi Costa Maya Neighbors,

The years following hurricane Dean have been brutal for Mahahual and the Costa Maya from a financial stand point. Even though there has been a lot of progress, there seemed to be a lot of setbacks with the swine flu, financial crisis and worst of all, the fears brought on by the drug war. We are extremely optimistic that 2012 will be a great year for the Costa Maya. Why?

Marcia with Baracuda
  1. If we are lucky, in March, Chetumal will officially become international and start welcoming charter flights from Canada.
  2. New direct flights have been opened up from China to Cancun with an expected 15,000-30,000 extra passengers the first year. I don't expect any of that traffic to end up in Mahahual, but I expect more independent travelers will feel the need to push further south on to the Costa Maya.
  3. As the end of the Mayan Epic ends and a new one begins - Mexico's tourist board is banking on receiving 50 million ovipositors to the Yucatan peninsula and neighboring states which include Tabasco and Chiapas. If that number means nothing to you, I'll put it in context. Last year, the entire country received 22 million tourists. Little Mahahual won't need much of that business to benefit.
  4. On Dec. 21st of 2011, the winter solstice, several Mayan Ruins, including Chacchoben started the new year out with special activities centered around the upcoming year. These will continue throughout the year until the auspicious date in 2012. Where will you be then? If nothing else, we will be throwing a big party here at Mayan Beach Garden.

If you don't know much about the Mayans and Mayan Culture - there is a lot of information about there on the internet and many good books. Now is the time to read up on Mayan History and culture, after all - we do live in the midst of it.

Your Costa Maya Neighbor,

Marcia Bales. . .writing this from Placer and Mayan Beach Garden Inn - 20 km north of Mahahual.

Past newsletters can be found at NEWSLETTER ARCHIVES

Sign up for up-to-date info at Costa Maya-Mahahual Live Blog with updates and current events


mahahual and Costa maya news

Calendar of events in Mahahual

  • Taxes due and if you pay in January, you can still receive a 15% discount and in February a 10% discount.
  • Garbage payments due - if you pay garbage in January and February, you can receive 10% discount.
  • Spay and Neuter Clinic Jan 21 and 22nd
  • Eye clinic in the casitas on Jan 28th
  • On-going recycling workshops at National Beach Club on Thursdays 4:00 - 5:00 pm
  • Lion Fish Tournament Feb. 10
  • International Clean-up day in Mahahual Feb. 25th
  • Dentist in Mahahual on Tuesdays
  • Recycled bottle pickup on Wednesday mornings 9:00-1:00 in the Casitas.
  • Jatsa'-ja 2012 - 3rd weekend in August (start organizing your photos)

ADO abandons Mahahual - the rise of the Combi's

The ADO has discontinued operations in Mahahual for the time being. In the interim, combis have risen to take their place to and from Limones where you can pick up a bus North or South on 307. Daily departures from Mahahual to Chetumal are at . 6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 5: 00 pm and 6:30 pm. You can pick up a combi from Chetumal at the ADO bust terminal at even hours. The Caribe bus still makes a 6:30 departure and a 3:30 departure in the afternoon.

The combis and busses will stop in Limones - MAKE SURE YOU LET THE COMBI DRIVER KNOW!. We had a guest get talked into going all the way to Chetumal to get on the ADO bus because they said it was easier. She ended up spending 9 hours traveling. Once in Limones, you can pick up the Mayab which arrives about once an hour there.

189 Cruise Ships Expected in 2012

MAHAHUAL, MX .-- For the period 2012 a total of 189 boats are expected to dock in Mahahual. Nationwide there have been a sharp drop in these floating hotels, but Cozumel and Mahahual have only seen slight dips and have good expectations for business to continue. Among the lines returning are Princess and Disney .

Recycling workshops at National Beach club

Recycling workshops are being held at National Beach club on Thursday afternoons from 4:00 - 5:00. Children over 6 years of age are invited along with their parents. The workshops are free and will include art projects.

Contact Ana at National Beach club for more information.


Free Eye Clinic

For those of you who can't read poster at the right, there will be a free eye examination in the casitas on Saturday the 28th of January from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM on Calle Bacalar #9.

While anyone can use the services, it is especially for children who may have never had the opportunity or don't know that they may have a vision problem. If you have care takers or know of people up and down the beach that may not see this poster, make sure they are aware of the clinic.


Phase 3 of the Malecon Improvements Continues

In Early December despite the bad timing, the streets of Mahahual became a mud bath. The work of finishing the paving of Huachenango started in ernest. At this point in time, Huachenango is paved, but work on the side streets and sidewalks continues. in a news announcement dated the 29th of September, Borge announced the project, but didn't give any specifics, mentioning the light house and a continuation of the malecon, but didn't say which direction it would continue. The malecon is continuing around the light house, but there is no word if it will continue on to the Cruise ship pier. The work on the light house is going to make the light house a focal point of Mahahual.

Complaint filed by the businesses of Mahahual against the Costa maya Port

MAJAHUAL, December 29, 2011 Inhabitants of Majahual sent a document to the drafting of Por Esto! Quintana Roo, requested the intervention of federal authorities to resolve the irregularities in the functioning of Puerto Costa Maya. Residents point out that, while the Costa Maya cruise pier is a concession to a private company, the authorities provided facilities for the project because it would bring benefits to Majahual and the southern part of Quintana Roo. Among other things, some of the complaints included blocking of the federal zone, making it difficult for passengers to walk to Mahahual, the use of federal transport concessions to shuttle tourists to Mahahual, when this work should benefit the local taxi drivers.

News from the Mahahualaneans

  • Taller del Costura Mahahual... the new Sewing Centre is putting together their space in the casitas... a team of us checked on the location and it has great access and parking, the ladies are currently preparing the center. We are looking for a small fridge, fans, extension cords, large garbage container, chairs, tables, towels, etc.
  • Secondary School Internet Service will be installed by Otto within the next few days.
  • A new private kindergarten has opened it's doors on Av. Kohunlich in the casitas. The teacher's name is Elsa Mañón Albarrán and she currently has 8 students. Classes are in English. The name of the school is Emotions. If you have a question for Elsa please call her at 983 154 1460.
  • Mahahual Christmas Party - See videos from the successful Christmas party held in December. This year it moved to the soccer field, a much better venue for such a large crowd.

2012 Mahahual Christmas party
All information and photo supplied by Marilyn Marshall

Mayan Beach Garden - New at MBG

New Homes available through Mayan Beach Garden Vacation Rentals

Over the last few months, Mayan Beach Garden has added a few new homes to its list of rentals. Some of these are on the best beaches on the Costa Maya. Others offer quiet and magical seclusion. If it turns out to be true that 2012 will be a banner year - please make sure you get homes reserved early. Spring is already quite full in the housing rental market in the Costa Maya. In addition to the homes below, the perennial favorites Casa Porto Vino, Taj Majahual, Casa Que Canta and Casa Las Brisas all will house at least 8 persons, so if you have a group make sure you keep those in mind!

Casa Caribe Azul Casa Joha Escondida
Casa Caribe Azul and Casa Joya Escondida (both on Sapphire Beach in Placer)
Casona Palms Yum Botic
Casona Palms (in Uvero) and Yum Botic (in Uvero)
Casa Azucar Casa Maria
Casa Azucar (in Rio Indio) and Casa Maria (South Placer)

New Atrium at Mayan Beach Garden

We are just finishing the touches on a palapa covered Bird Atrium. Right now I have two Cockatiels and when it is finished will have white winged doves as well. If you are in the area, make sure you stop by and see our new addition.

Tolán - Bikram Yoga retreat in the Sian Ka'an

Tolán Yoga retreat is only available during the months of January through April. This exclusive experience is located in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere, about 50 minutes north of Mayan Beach Garden and not far from the Shipwreck. Through a special agreement with Tolán management, guests of Mayan Beach Garden have been offered a unique opportunity to experience Tolán for just a day or even an over night stay.

Experience a day or more in one of Tolán's unique series of 15 one-week exclusive Bikram Yoga retreats during 2012. Space is limited as no more than 20 people will be accepted at any one time. The combination of the incredible natural site and the benefits of the Bikram Yoga practice will mark your life.

Contact us at Mayan Beach Garden reservations for more information on Tolán or to book a night's stay.

Tolan Yoga

Spear Fishing teams up with Mayan Beach Garden

Spear fishing Costa Maya
More Info on Mayan Beach Garden and spear fishing. . .

Those of you who may have wanted to learn how to spear fish with an expert - the time is now here. Mayan Beach Garden is partnering with Mike at Costa Maya Spear-fishing.

Spear Fishing is the ultimate in sport fishing. The use of tanks for Spear fishing is illegal in Mexico, but free diving and snorkeling is completely legal. Mike has all the permits needed to take you either from shore or boat snorkel. With a few tips, you'll find you can stay down longer and even maybe spear some fish.

Spear fishing is highly selective, uses no bait and has no by-catch meaning no  turtles, Dolphins, Manatee, or other protected species are hurt . With education and proper regulations, spear fishing can be the most ecologically sustainable form of fishing.

What's that Bird: excerpt from www.
(Authored by Jim Conrad)


If you crossed a snake with a bird you'd approximately get what's shown on a power line beside the mangroves on the beach road. This is an Anhinga, also known as Snakebird, Darter and Water Turkey, ANHINGA ANHINGA. On chilly mornings they can be seen perched on snags rising from the water, spreading their wings against the early sunlight. People usually assume that when they do that they're drying their wings but studies show that Anhingas have unusually low metabolic rates but high rates of heat loss from their bodies, so it's assumed that their wing- spreading is mainly for absorbing solar energy to warm their bodies. Wing-spreading seems to be more of a "thermo regulation behavior" than a wing-drying one.

Anhingas dive into water after fish, frogs, aquatic snakes and the like, and when they surface they float low in the water, maybe even with nothing but their snaky heads emerging from the water.


People often confuse Anhingas with cormorants. Cormorants belong to the same bird family, but they are placed in a completely different genus. Cormorants have long, hook-tipped beaks while you can see that the Anhinga's bill is sharp.

In the US, Anhingas nest throughout the Deep South but in the winter withdraw to coastal areas. In Mexico they're permanent residents throughout the non-desert lowlands, south to Ecuador and northern Argentina in South America.

Worried about Driving to Mexico? Ship your vehicle to Progresso

The following information was sent to me by Kate Skinner who was generous enough to share her experience. She just recently had a successful experience shipping her Jeep Liberty from Florida to Progresso.

". . .We did all of the paper work on-line, then drove our car to Panama City, Fla which is on the Panhandle of Florida and in the same general area as Pensacola -but still quite a distance away. They have a new airport in Panama City (code PTY), so after we left the car we flew home. They ship the car to Progresso Mexico to the 4 mile long pier, in a cargo ship.

You must pay for insurance for the voyage (about $300), and show you have insurance in Mexico when you get off the pier in Progresso. You hand over the car and title and a power of attorney form in Panama City. They tell you the shipping date and you can track it. The car can only have less than 1/4 tank of gas. They price of the voyage is based on weight. (Ours was $630 for a 4 wheel drive SUV).

It is a four day voyage for the car. I flew to Merida, and found my way to Progresso, and there was a series of about 8 steps to go onto the pier to collect the car. You can leave the car up to 5 days in Progresso without a fee, after that there is a storage fee. We did not need a broker because we took the car in on a tourist visa. However, a very helpful broker sent us free information as to the steps to complete in Progresso. It is all very efficient, and took about 3 hours from beginning to end. It worked well for us--and hopefully would be the same if others who use the service. . . Kate "

See http:// for more information.
Linea Pennisular 5323 W Highway 98,St. 215, Panama City Florida 32406

Animal Protection laws in Quintana Roo

Some things have happened in Mahahual lately that caused me to think a little bit about the laws of care and abuse of Animals. Unfortunately the cruel things that people do to animals seldom has repercussions, but the more people know the law the better we can protect the animals here. If you ever see anything happening please take the opportunity to take a picture of it. There are processes for reporting the abuse. Barby from Peluditos Mahahual (little furry animals of Mahahual) will help you find the right authorities. (Thanks Barby for sending me a copy of the law)

Article 35

  • If you own a pet, you are required to take care of it.
  • The owner or of any animal must have a collar with permanent identification of the owner
  • Pets must be housed in some manner and under no circumstance may they be left in the streets or in rural areas.
  • It is illegal to abandon animals in the streets or in rural areas. They must be turned into the proper authorities.
    Article 36
  • It shall be mandatory for every owner of any pet to register the animal
  • Owners are not to allow the animal to roam freely in public without taking the measures and precautions in order not to cause physical harm to others.

Article 37

  • Any person owning, possessing or caring for a dog is required to use a leash when walking with him on the street.
  • Other pets put must move or transported properly fastened according to their species.
  • Owners of any animal are responsible for damage caused to third parties.
  • Owners will be responsible for collecting feces of animals caused when transiting with him/her in the street.

    Article 38
    - Lost or abandoned Animals
  • Trapping of Animals (I assume this is by the public authorities) on public roads can only be done if it is clear the animal is wandering without an apparent owner.
  • If the animal has an owner's tag or other form of identifying the owner, they must be warned immediately.
  • The capture will not take place if a person proves to be the owner of an animal, except where it is essential to maintain order or prevent animal diseases.
  • Sanctions can be put on a person who assaults the staff responsible for the capture of abandoned or feral animals and causes damage to vehicles or equipment used for such end.

Article 39

  • The owner of a captured animal may claim the animal from the Animal control center within three working days after his capture, and must prove ownership or possession, or may bring people who will testify under oath before the authority, the true ownership or possession of the pet being claimed.
  • If the animal is not claimed by its owner within the stipulated time, it may be given for adoption at animal protection services or be killed humanely if deemed necessary.
  • It is the responsibility of animal control centers or any institution that protects them temporarily adequately feed and give drink to every beast clean water is retained.

    Article 40
  • Service and guide animals, or those who by prescription must accompany anyone may have free access to all public places and services except those that for health and sanitary reasons, must not enter.

news around Quintana Roo and the yucatan peninsula

New Shopping Center in Chetumal

Chetumal just keeps getting better as a source for purchasing things we normally had to go to Cancun for. Last week a Sorianas opened in Chetumal directly North of the Bomberos (fire station). The newspapers reported that in the same shopping center a City club and Home Depotwill be built. At this point in time there is a lot of space around this shopping center for this type of development but nothing has been started yet. A similar shopping center in Cancun houses a Sorianas, City Club and Home Depot.

I shopped last week in the Soriana and found their bakery had some nice European style breads, something we haven't seen before in Chetumal.

Recycling in the Peninsula

You can still drop of your Pet Plastic (bottles suitable for food) and aluminum cans at the Casitas. To find the location, turn left at the first intersection as you enter the casitas and go until you see two story blue buildings. There is a pale turquoise plastic container to put your plastic in. Please separate the aluminum and put it in the same container. Please do not put other plastics in this location or garbage. We don't want to loose this resource.

Other Recycling

Company Contact Location E-mail Tel. Type of material
Vitro Rodrigo Merida   9991330616 Glass, Pet Plastic
Pepenador Israel Carrillo Puerto   9841291990 Cans, Junk, Plastic bags, tires, Pet Plastic and Cardboard
Pepenador Martin Tulum   9841145215 Cans, Junk, Plastic bags, tires, Pet Plastic and Cardboard
Lyra   Paamul     Pet Plastic
Grasas Penninsulares Josafat T. Zoghbi Avila Cancun, with a branch in Chetumal, 9988740604, 9982792006 Oils

Planetarium in Chetumal

Governor Roberto Angulo Borge announced the opening of the Yook'ol Kaab (our Universe) Planetarium in the first week of november. The planetarium is located near the zoo with an auditorium that has capacity for 200 people. You can't miss it when driving East on Insurgentes.

It also has an observatory with a telescope of 40 centimeters, the largest in southern Mexico, sundial, living workshops for students, multipurpose room, cafeteria, restrooms and administrative offices.

Chetumal airport finally accepting international flights

I know it is hard to believe, but airport officials in Chetumal are in talks with itravel2000, one of the largest Canadian wholesalers to bring a charter directly to Chetumal, where hotel rooms have averaged less than 50% occupancy, ie Chetumal, Majahual, Bacalar, some parts of the Maya area and Southern end in the Riviera Maya.

The route will begin in 2012 as part of the Mundo Maya, with weekly flights of 150 to 300 passengers sometime after March with the renovations that currently occurring are scheduled to be finished.

At least its a step in the right direction.

Felipe "Faisan" Fit for unFlappable Floppers

Last February we arrived in Cancun from snowy New Hampshire at our usual time of about 2:30 pm.  After going through the airport formalities, we set out to rent a car and make our way to Costa Maya where two years ago we bought a "fixer-upper" right on the Caribbean coast.

We usually spend a few hours in Playa del Carmen buying food, tools and other supplies for our work projects. Then we would either spend the night at the very reliable Holiday Inn Express in Playa or drive all the way to Costa Maya that evening, arriving well after dark.

I thought that I would try something a bit different by staying in a hotel in Felipe Carrillo Puerto.  It would get us closer to our destination and we wouldn't have to wake up our caretakers at 11:00 pm that night to let us in. 

On a previous trip I had scoped out  "El Faisan Y El Venado", a hotel / restaurant, one block south after the glorieta on route 307 in Felipe  Carrillo Puerto.  We easily rented two rooms for about 418 pesos each (about $38).  Each room had an adequate bathroom with good hot water.  We brought sleep sacks with us just in case we did not have confidence in the beds' cleanliness. My wife is a nurse and I am a doctor and we both felt very comfortable not using the sleep sacks.

The air conditioning was great.  There is no pool or internet in the rooms but internet access is available at a shop on the glorieta.

The restaurant downstairs is very good if you stick to the local cuisine.  I recommend the pollo with mole for dinner.  For breakfast try the huevos divorciados.  Use the restroom in your room, the one in the restaurant is clean but it has never, to my knowledge, had a toilet seat.

We parked in the hotel's parking lot across the street.  It had gates but I don't think they got closed that night.  The car was fine the next morning. This hotel is not handicap accessable.  The stairway to the rooms is narrow and there is no elevator.

Don't worry about leaving a wake up call, the roosters in the neighborhood will get you up with sun. All rooms are on the second floor (el primer piso).  Take a room in the back hallway.  It will be away from the street noise (but closer to the roosters). While I was in town, I visited Chedraui's Supermarket, the public market and got four watches repaired at a sidewalk stand on the glorieta. (I dropped them off on my way to Costa Maya and picked them up on the way back home.)

This hotel is not what could be called "rustic chik" but it is comfortable, clean, safe and you are likely the only gringos staying in town.  So if you find yourself short on daylight and a bit long on carretera, "El Faisan y El Venado" in Felipe Carrrillo Puerto is an option you may enjoy trying.

by "Rodger Wood from Costa Maya"

Legal loophole allows Gay Marriage in Quintana Roo

According to Fox News Latino, the state of Quintana Roo features "a legal gap in the Civil Code," which doesn't specify gender in regards to those interested in getting married. The International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association have already started collaborating to make deals with airlines and hotels for gay marriage packages. The state has said that it will leave it up to individual municipalities to make rulings as to whether licenses can be issued.

Airport in Tulum still on hold

Caldaron has stated that the Riviera Airport is on hold and wouldn't happen in this administration.



I love you Xcalak


NOTE: Polly sent a lovely christmas column for a Christmas newsletter that I never had the opportunity to get out. I've posted it below - although quite a bit tardy!


Those of you that have been here on holiday (vacation) or have a house and live down here part time know all about time getting away from you. We call it Xcalak mode, no shoes, no watch, just the sun. This is how things creep up on you, this year though no chance of Christmas creeping up unannounced. On Tuesday the children from the Kinder- garden school and their lovely teacher Genny came round to sing carols. Christmas Carolers

Wednesday was the Posada acted out and sung by the children and some of the mothers. The mothers mostly made the animal noises that their child represented. The Kinder-garden school was beautifully decorated and all the children did their parts,"Oscar material".

Thursday evening was the BIGGY. Linda Zaccaro and her elves, Judy, Mary Pat, Giselle, Jane, Donna Empara, Irelli, Suzie and if I have forgotten anybody I am really sorry, made the park really pretty. Bags and bags of presents were tucked out of sight and temptation until Santa Claus's arrival at 8.0pm.

For an hour much fun was had with games for the different age groups. Musical chairs was a hit, the clown (Kandi) was amazing.

The prizes were for the school year the winner was in. There was a dance competition, fantastic, these kids can wriggle all their parts from birth I think!! Nato was Master of Ceremonies, he did a great job.

Then Eric arrived, Santa, he was of course mobbed, Nato sorted it all out and the little Kinder children went first. It was heart warming to see the little faces as they raced back to their parents to open their present. All the presents given out and the cakes cut and eaten, great job Linda and Elves

.This fiesta was in memory of Cliff Evans who every year bought every child in the pueblo a present and went around delivering them for Christmas. He started buying presents in January so he would have enough time and money to get the 200 odd presents needed. He did this all himself, he never asked for donations, and never asked for recognition. He is remembered by the mothers and children of Xcalak for his kindness.

Xcalak Christmas
Xcalak kidsXcalak Santa
Xcalak Clown

The chest in the photo is one of my most prized possessions, Marcia has painted it for me. It's so ...... me ......she has taken some of my ramblings and my favorite things and they are on the chest.

It has stuff that I have seen, heard, and love on it. It's an incredible work of art. It's priceless. I love it and say thank you again my friend.

I spent a week in Belize with two of my sons, it was a surprise, my Christmas present from them. It managed to rain an awful lot, ............ but ask me if we enjoyed it!!!!

Polly's Son

OK, now all that I have left to say is, the sun is shining out of a blue, blue sky, the palm fronds are moving in the breeze, the nights are cool enough to sleep nicely ....................... what are you doing up there??? Here is the place to be

A prosperous New year to you all, talk to you next year.

Polly 'chest
Detail of chest

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