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Costa Maya Newsletter Archives > Costa Maya-Mahahual Newsletter September 2014

******** Costa Maya-Mahahual Newsletter-September 2014 *******

Costa Maya Newsletter: of interest to visitors and property owners and anyone looking to learn more about the Costa Maya, Mahahual / Majahual - Rio Indio - Placer - Uvero - Punta Herrera - Xcalak and other points along Quintana Roo's Southern Coast

Editorial- Learning to love the mini super

Hi Costa Maya Neighbors

It is no secret -- shopping in a town like Mahahual can be a challenge. There are no large grocery stores with beautiful produce and all the things you need in one place (such as a Chedraui's). The nearest Chedraui's is 90 km away. Most visitors to Mahahual have no idea that they can get most of the things they need in a mini-super, which at first glance, only appear to have chips and soda coolers full of drinks.

Marcia with Baracuda
But all little towns in Mexico have little mini-supers and the average Mexican manages just fine shopping there. However, If one is not accustomed to buying their groceries in mini-supers, one might think there isn't anything they could possibly cook with there. However, those who like an adventure, will find the challenge of shopping in a mini-super to be fun when they are empowered with the help of a few tips (which in the end all come down to Rule #1):
  • Rule #1 - think like a Mexican, if you want something, ASK FOR IT
  • The good stuff is seldom where you can see it
  • No one is going to say "can I help you" unless they know that you are big spender (Most of them know I own Mayan Beach Garden restaurant and they sometimes ask me if I want help, but don't think they are rude if they don't ask you), ASK FOR IT
  • They all carry more or less the same items

Mini Super Noe's
Mini Super Noe's

  • Few of the vendors speak English. Learn as many food words in Spanish as possible or bring a translator on your smart phone so you can ASK FOR IT.
  • Ask for anything you can't find (hence the need to learn the words for foods). In a mini-super, you would normally need to ask for Avocados (Aguacates) . They may not be out in one of the bins.
  • Don't feel afraid to rummage through coolers piled with unidentifiable gray plastic bags and some kind of herb (usually cilantro) rolled in paper Maseca bags. Good things are hiding in there like mushrooms, red bell peppers, poblano chilies, carrots and spinach.
  • The secret to buying Cilantro out of one of the rolls of brown paper is to either take the rolled up cilantro to the counter, or pull a handful of it out of the paper bag.
  • Don't assume that a store only has poor looking produce. Simply ask "Hay algo mejor?" (is there anything better?) and point to the bad produce. 75% of the time it works - they disappear into a back room and show up with beautiful produce.
  • Don't offend the store owner by going into the back room without asking. That would be rude. He would much rather that you ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT
  • Because most of the stores are family owned and operated, you seldom receive a "NO HAY" (we don't have it), unless they really don't have it. But it never hurts to ask if they are sure. "La Verdad" (the truth?). Sometimes they go and check.
  • Always be nice. If you are rude, they will ignore your request. They hate a mad foreigner (we must remember that we are foreigners).
  • On the Yucatan peninsula stores are often owned by Mayan families and they don't really like to shake your hand and they certainly don't like to look you in the eye. If they look away when you say "Buenas Dias" they are just being polite in their culture. It isn't being unfriendly either.
  • If you see a freezer chest in the store, open it. If not sometimes there is a freezer in the back with frozen meats. Ask for something "out there" and you might be surprised.
  • Most mini-supers carry fresher eggs than the super markets and you can buy just one egg if you want.
  • Enjoy the experience. You may even gain a new friend in the store owner, especially if you frequent that mini-super.

Your Costa Maya Neighbor,

Marcia Bales. . .writing this from Placer and Mayan Beach Garden Inn - 20 km north of Mahahual.

Newsletters back to 2004 can be found at NEWSLETTER ARCHIVES


mahahual and Costa maya news

Calendar of events in Mahahual

  • Sept. 15 "El Grito" on the Malecon
  • Independence day (sleeping off the drinking) on Sept. 16
  • Cruzando Fronteras 2015 Feb. 28 - Mar 7

There is quite a bit of new activity in Mahahual, probably more than we have seen in a long time. Please take the time to preview and support the new businesses in town.

New Cancun To Mahahual Airport Shuttle Service


  • Departs Friday and Saturday afternoons from Cancun Airport at 4:00 PM arriving in Mahahual around 8:00 PM
  • Returns Saturday and Sunday mornings from Mahahual at 8:00 AM arriving about 12:30
  • Service Begins September 26th 2014
  • Stops at Chedraui on the way South.

Sandals and Skis, (Steve Uhl from Tropicante Restaurant) in partnership with the Riviera Maya’s AGI Tours, is now the official booking entity for a new, direct airport shuttle service to Mahahual with weekend service starting September 26th, 2014. AGI’s fleet of vehicles range from small limos, to comfortable 16 person passenger shuttle buses, giving our service the flexibility in vehicle sizes to accommodate all size groups, as well as valet service for early or late arrivals. Clean, late model vehicles, with safe and professional drivers, make the 4 hour drive a nice place to snooze, read a book or just relax and enjoy the sites along the way.

Reservations are required and must be made through Sandals and Skis in advance. AGI Tour’s license requires they have a roster of all passengers and Sandals and Skis must present that a day before. Payment is not required for booking, but can be made the day of booking or any day prior to your trip, via Pay Pal. You can also pay the driver cash if you prefer, the day you arrive. Contact Steve Uhl to get your spot saved. If you are unsure on your travel days, ask Steve to help you coordinate your flight with the shuttle service before you buy your plane tickets. He is working on a Concierge service for the area. 719-387-8115 US


New topes cropped up over night all over Mahahual. Many are needed, but I'm not sure why they felt they had to make them so high. You have to almost come to a stop to get over them. You will find them on cafetal on the east and west side of the km. 55 school , again around the Costa Maya glorieta where you enter to go to the pier and also at several locations on Huachenango. Most of them are marked, but these will scrape the underside of your car if you aren't careful.

Banorte ATMS coming

The Alcaldia of Mahahual, William Calderón, announced publicly that two Banorte ATM's will be located at city hall and the other in minisúper Bere. (see story below on ATM thefts)

Cultural Center almost ready

A new cultural hall is nearing completion. This is a project that has been 6 years in the making. The modern building will become a community center and feature arts and crafts classes and other events. It located on cafetal highway, east of the elementary school.

Cultural center

Feedback From Tourists During the Short High season

Tourists who visited Mahahual in this last holiday weekend, highlighted the positive and negative aspects of the destination, among which were the beautiful beaches as positive; and on the negative side, they mentioned the lack of urban infrastructure especially the constant failures of cell phone service. Several interviewed tourists, the beaches of Mahahual highlighted as the main attraction to this destination has even mentioning that Mahahual has one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. One tourist said that "Water is what we liked most, because they're very hard to find beaches where families can spend the day in safety."

ATM Thefts at Puerto Costa Maya

Saturday, 17 August 2014 . Early in the morning of the 17th of August, a team of 10 men in three vehicles armed with assault rifles broke into the offices of the Cruise ship pier and stole two ATM's on Sunday . The criminals tied up the four security guards and put them into a room, then headed towards the two ATM's that were in the main building of the maritime terminal. The stolen ATM's had recently been stocked with pesos and dollars. The criminals were dressed in blue, did not have their faces covered and were not wearing gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints and their movements were captured by several security cameras.

You would think they would be able to easily find the two missing ATMS. However, jurisdiction is an issue on solving the crime. A Marine vehicle was the first to reach the site, cordoned off the area themselves and did not allow access by State Police or Municipal or Ministerial, arguing that it was federal zone . State and local police conducted tours of the region to try to track down criminals or stolen ATM. Also, checkpoints were established by the PEP, at the junction of the Federal Highway Cancun - Chetumal with Cafetal state road - Mahahual.

The Attorney General of the State said that the assault occurred in the Puerto Costa Maya, which is therefore the investigation of theft will be the responsibility of the Federal Attorney General's Office and not the State Attorney General.

This is something that concerns all Mahahual, because Mahahual is known as a safe community. The general thinking in Mahahual is that if the military checkpoint had been there, that i might have been a deterrent the the theft. The thing that disturbs the town most is that they really don't know much of what happened. Even though it was in the area, they town is completely cut off from the costa Maya Port. The cruise ship dock has its own security and they don't involve the state of municipal police. Most locals think that "it didn't happen here."

Expanding the Malecon in Mahahual

An announcement was made that the third phase of the Malecon will be continued. Phase one was comprised of building the walking street and artificial beach. Phase two comprised of paving the two back streets and paving around the lighthouse. Phase three will be the creation of more infrastructure and extending the road to create a total of 2850 meters south of the light house. However, this new section will not be a walking street but a road for cars. Construction will begin in September according to Novedades Newspaper and will include street furniture, landscaping and pedestrian lighting.

Update on Costa Maya Water park

On April 24 of 2014, Isaac Hamui Abadi announced a tourist park like Xcaret had all the permissions needed for the water park. He announced that the complex will be built on an area of ​​5 hectares, where there will be water activities like canoeing with a mayan touch.

As of Aug 25, 2014, there are no signs of a water park in the area set aside for the purpose. However, maps have been circulating showing the location of the park. This is not an official map, but most of the maps circulating show it in the yellow are shown below. Kim drove to the proposed site and found nothing started. There are rumors that there is redesign going on and contracts have to be changed for new design to rumors that say that the park will be located in Uvero. Nothing official has been announced since the April date, but I assume there will be something coming soon.

Costa Maya Map Water Park

Cruzando Fronteras 2015

The 3rd annual Cruzando Fronteras Arts will occur on the 28th of February to the 7th of March. Those dates are already starting to fill up rental wise, so if you are considering coming to the Costa Maya during those dates, but have yet to make rental reservations, I would suggest you look into it.

This year, in addition to artist from other countries bringing art here, local artists will be exhibiting and selling their wares. It will be a good opportunity to support and purchase art from Mahahualaneans. In addition, if you are interested in exhibiting, please contact Marcia at

I've repeated some of the images from the past festival.

Cruzando Frontera 2015

Body Paint

Body painting and sculptures at Blue Bay. Body painting by Yhazael Villages from Quintana Roo.
Participant Mask Workshop
Mask Workshop
Recycled materials went into this sculpture by Argentinean artist Sabrina Coco
Fish from REcycled materials

ANTÚN-KOJTOM, Mayan Artist displayed several of his works at a one man show at Matan Ka'an.

Antun Kojtom

Guests of the festival were treated to Corazon y Vida Maya music and dance on Tuesday night.

Mayan Dance and Music

ADO Continues direct to Cancun and adds Chetumal

ADO Bus Schedule to Cancun.

The ADO bus has continued its route to and from Cancun/Mahahual. The Bus leaves downtown Cancun (note, not the airport) at 7:00 AM and arrives around 1:00 PM in Mahahual at Quinto Sol (next to Tequila Beach Club) after stopping in Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Carrillo Puerto.

The return route leaves Mahahual at 5:00 PM and arrives in Cancun about 10:00 PM stopping at the same locations. Some people have said that it will drop you off at the airport if you would like.

Newly added is the bus to Chetumal which leaves at 2:00 in the afternoon to Chetumal. I don't expect this to continue past the high season as this was added for the local tourists.

This is the 1/2 bus size and during holidays it fills up fast because it is smaller. .

Comings and Goings in Mahahual

Back again

Fernando's 100% Agave closes (again), and Reopens as Ole Paella!

Fernando's restaurant history seems to always be changing. We last reported that he was working at El Fuerte, but that he had a tequila bar, but now he is no longer working for someone else, and has opened up a new restaurant with partner Freddy. Freddy had the Caribe restaurant next to Polly's house in Xcalak, but has decided to come to Mahahual to test the waters here.

Will this restaurant have the staying power that his old 100% Agave had? We are all hoping for that because the food at Ole Paella is delicious (at least the vegetarian tacos I ordered were delicious), Fernando is there to great you and offer drink selections and it has a great location.

Ole Paella is located on Plaza Martillo, which is easy to find because it is the Plaza where the Port Captain has his office and is at the access in the middle of the football field.

Hours are currently 2:00 - 10:00 PM. Paella is only available after 4:30 and until 9:00 during which time Chef Freddy is working.

Ole Paella

Veterinarian Monaca

I have had the opportunity to use the services of Monica, the veterinarian. He speaks fairly good English and it appears that she is making her home here. You can email Monica at, but she receives Facebook message on her phone. I have had success contacting her through facebook, at " Veterinarian Mahahual"

Recycling with Ya'ax

Ya’ax Recycling is a private initiative working hard to get a recycling center off the ground. You can help by bringing in your recycled plastic. They can take aluminum cans, and plastic 1 and 2, which is a large part of the plastic on the beaches and in our kitchens. You can drop off plastic in the casitas on Calle Bacalar, 6 houses to the East of the main road. They also have a larger recycling center at km. 4 on the Xcalak Highway. Please support them.

Corona House closes

Corona House Closes

It is always sad when a local business closes, whatever the reason. I know that I've covered many closures lately. This one was particularly sad because Corona House has been in business since before Dean. A combination of competition in the area of the casitas and other opportunities cause the closure. A great party was had by all on closing night.

Papi's Pizza and Padrinos are still open in the area on most nights and the building now has a new renter. Stay tuned for that opening.

Ibiza Sunset is a new restaurant located South of the fisherman's pier on the beach road. It is very close to Cabanas del Doctor and shortly before you get to Luna de Plata. They are a group of four chefs from various parts of Mexico. Some of which are chef's at the formulaic Senor Frogs during the day and prepare great meals at night.

NEW - IBIZA SUNSETIbiza sunset
Ibiza sunset is open for lunches and dinners and so far they have been open every day. Their menu is varied and they have good (although slow) service. We think they will improve over time as they get things going. For the moment they join the always reliable No-och-Kay for being open. We hope they have the same staying power.

New Location
Casa Ohm -
Costa Maya Yoga

Casa Ohm is located at Yaya Beach, which is just north of Plaza Martillo, or at the South end of the futbol field. Casa Ohm is on the 2nd directly over Dr. Dive.

Many of you may already have tried one of Simone's classes and will want to know about new location. Simone has classes for people with back problems, advanced and beginning along with a variety of yoga classes. She has a loyal following and Mahahual is lucky to have such a quality yoga instructor in town.

Casa Ohm

Sample classes for Mondays:

06.30 Am Early bird Kundalini Yoga (Brenda Gonzalez)
09.00 AM Vinyasa Yoga intermediate (Simone)
16.30 PM Ashtanga Yoga (Nalle)

Central de Compras Mahahual (opened in April)
Centro de compras



Tel: 9838345639

Cel: 9831542909


The name "Central de Compras" may not roll off your tongue if you don't speak any Spanish, but take note. If you want to purchase Goat Cheese, mussels, steak ( yes, you read correctly - - and the owners are Argentinean! ), Mascarpone, good coffee, and a number of wonderful things you may think you have to go to Cancun to purchase and they are now available in Mahahual. They even sell the lady-fingers to make Tiramisu. The selection of meat is very nice, from new york steak to the chicken breasts to Pork Tenderloin. And the prices are reasonable. They also carry cleaning supplies and a number of other items that restaurants need. I needed bulk shampoo to fill my shampoo bottles and they ordered gallon sized bottles especially for me at a reasonable price. English is spoken. Maria and Ronoldo are the owners and you might remember them from the Matan Ka'an restaurant and also from Blue Bay where they managed the hotel for a while. The office is located in the Matan Ka'an building in the old local of Kevin Graham's realty office. Hours are 8 to 5 every day but Sunday.

UnderToe SUP changes locations

I've never covered Undertoe Stand-up Paddle boarding as a business, but Carolyn Thomas is now in her 4th year and at a new location, so I thought that those of you who have wondered if you should take a leap and try paddle boarding, might need a bit of a nudge. Now is the time. Her new location is at YaYa beach, in the same complex is Dr. Dive, La Dolce Vita ice cream, Costa Maya Yoga and of Course YaYa beach club. Ya Ya beach is between the Malecon and the southeast corner of the futbol field. .

When you sign up for a lesson, you learn

Proper Stance

 Efficient Paddle Stroke Technique

 Necessary Water Safety

 HOW TO LAUGH AT YOURSELF--(It IS a water activity - you just may get WET)
(now if you are like me, I've never learned how not to fall off, but I still love it) :

Stand up Paddle board
Contact Carolyn Thomas at

Majagua (Hibiscus Tilliaceus)

I've mentioned before in this newsletter about the various possible origins for the name of Mahahual. According to our Alcaldia, William Calderón, he said that the name Mahahual (spelled Majahual and Majagual on some maps) comes from the Majagua tree which is plentiful in the area. He even took initiative to include a photo of the tree.

I looked it up and found out that it is commonly known as Sea Hibiscus (Hibiscus Tilliaceus) and has a beautiful flower, yellow in the morning and turning orange. It is considered a weed tree in Florida and although sold in nurseries, is discouraged because it can quickly take over native species. It isn't native to here according to Wikipedia. The majagua are trees that grow 5 to 10 meters tall with brilliant green oval leaves in the form of a heart.

The leathery bark was used by the first villagers ( fishermen ) to tie various objects. Other uses of the fibrous bark was to make the trappings of fishing because It's very resistant to the water and very light in weight when dry.

The following is from Wikipedia: H. tiliaceus is a common coastal plant in Eastern and Northern Australia, Oceania, Maldives and Southeast Asia

The picture at the right is from

Magajual tree

Sea Hibiscus

. It has become naturalized in parts of the New World, such as Florida, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. It is commonly found growing on beaches, by rivers and in mangrove swamps. Sea Hibiscus is well adapted to grow in coastal environment in that it tolerates salt and water logging and can grow in quartz sand, coral sand, marl, limestone, and crushed basalt. It grows best in slightly acidic to alkaline soils (pH of 5-8.5).


Mayan Beach Garden - News from MBG


I would like to thank all of my guests who have stayed at Mayan Beach Garden throughout the years. We have now been in business for about 12 years and I've been sending out this newsletter for ten years. In that time we've seen many changes but one thing has remained consistent and that is all of our many wonderful guests and friends that pass by our door. If you have never stayed at Mayan Beach Garden, we welcome you to give us a try for your next vacation or give our restaurant a try. Below the picture of the restaurant floor, there is our menu of the day for a two week period pasted below. . .


During the Month of October, those staying at Mayan Beach Garden will receive one of the biggest discounts we've ever given. So if you are considering a fall holiday, please take advantage of this special offer .

Stay one night and get 20% discount when paying cash (15% when using a charge card)

Stay two or more nights and get 30% off when Paying Cash. (25% when using a charge card)

Beer Distributorship Bodega at Mayan Beach Garden

Modelo It is official. . . Mayan Beach Garden now is in partnership with Modelo whose brands include Corona, Modelo Especial, Leon, Pacifico and Victoria. We are the Modelo distributors from Rio indio to Punta Herrero. That means that you can buy beer by the case at the lowest prices available here at Mayan Beach Garden. We had so many problems getting a liquor license, and there was no distributor for this area, so we finally bit the bullet and decided this was the only way we could get our license. We need your help to keep the license, which means volume sales, so if you are staying in a house in the area you can now buy your beer locally . We carry Pacifico, Leon, Victoria, Modelo especial light and dark and Montejo in cans. We can deliver to your house and we offer a discount if you pick up here. Contact or for orders and delivery.


New Mosaic floors at Mayan Beach Garden

This Year Mayan Beach Garden has finally added a Mosaic tiled floor to the dining room. The floor has lightened up the room.

Stop by for Lunch or dinner and you can see the growing number of mosaics that are cropping up all over Mayan Beach Garden Inn.

Mosaic Dining room

Menu del dia

We would like you all to know that we are open to the public for dinners and lunches. I've posted the next menu del dia for dinner below for your information. Reservations are recommended. We also have a small menu for those who don't care for the variations shown on the men of the day.

10 - SEP - 2014

Coconut encrusted Fish (CARIBBEAN dish of a sea bass coated with a crunchy toasted fresh coconut from our Mayan Beach Garden trees) served with a Mango-Chipotle dipping Salsa, herbed potatoes, Veggies, Soup of the day and Dessert.

Option: Chicken, Vegetarian - with or without coconut.

11 - SEP - 2014

Pollo Pebre (one of our signature dishes - Pollo asado in a smoky flavored sauce with capers and olives), Curried rice, Vegetables, Served with Salad and Dessert of the day. The dish is a combination of Spanish and Yucatecan flavors.

Variation: Vegetarian Pebre, Pollo asado or Grilled pork chop

Pollo Pebre
12 - SEP - 2014

Fish Fillets with epazote and pineapple, wrapped in banana leaves and cooked over flame , Roasted potatoes, vegetables, salad of the day and dessert:
VARIATION: vegetarian or Chicken served in the same manner Pineapple Boat with your choice of chicken or Shrimp or vegetarian (subject to availability of Pineapple)

13 - SEP - 2014

Fish Tacos (or optional chicken/Vegetarian) Dinner , includes roasted vegetables, cabbage lime salad, a variety of salsas and tacos made from hand-made tortillas. These are Fish tacos you will remember!

Options: Chicken or Vegetarian tacos

14 - SEP - 2014

Relleno Negro , a traditional Mayan/Yucatecan dish usually reserved for special occasions. The dish comes with barbecued Chicken marinated in a blackened mild chili salsa and pork meatballs stuffed with boiled egg (the Relleno portion). It is served with rice and vegetables. Includes Salad and Dessert

OPTION: barbecued chicken, pure meat balls, or vegetarian

15 - SEP - 2014

Local Snapper fillets with a coconut lime sauce topped with toasted coconut and served with cilantro rice and veggies . Includes Soup of the day and Dessert

OPTIONS: chicken or vegetarian

16 - SEP - 2014

Pork or chicken slow cooked in a mango-pineapple chutney served with rice, vegetables, Salad of the day and Dessert

OPTIONS: Chicken, vegetarian, Pork

Costa Maya Villas - A/C, Pool and hot-tub.

If you are coming to the Costa Maya and want to stay in comfort with A/C, Costa Maya Villa Condominiums are available for rent through Mayan Beach Garden Reservations. These luxury condos have A/C, granite countertops and both the best view and one of the largest pools and hot tub in Mahahual. Every Condo has a view of the caribbean and one of the deepest Turquoise colors in all of the Costa Maya. The photo below, REALLY looks like that!
See more pictures and website. . .

Costa Maya Villas

tamales: Food and link to Mesoamerican past

Legitimately, it isn't tacos, but Tamales that can be considered the national food of Mexico, although its popularity extends throughout Latin America where there are more than 400 varieties.

Wikipedia describes Tamales as having been traced back to the Ancient Maya people, who prepared them for feasts as early as the Preclassic period (1200–250 BC). Maya people called their corn tortillas and tamales both utah .

Tamales originated in Mesoamerica as early as 8000 to 5000 BC. Aztec and Maya civilizations, as well as the Olmeca and Tolteca before them, used tamales as portable food, often to support their armies, but also for hunters and travelers. Tamale use in the Inca Empire had been reported long before the Spanish visited the New World.


In Mexico, tamales begin with a dough made from corn (hominy), called masa, or a masa mix, such as Maseca, and lard or vegetable shortening. Tamales are generally wrapped in corn husks or plantain leaves before being steamed, depending on the region from which they come. They usually have a sweet or savory filling and are usually steamed until firm.

Tamales are a favorite comfort food in Mexico, eaten as both breakfast and dinner, and often accompanied by hot atole or champurrado and arroz con leche (rice pudding) or maize-based beverages of indigenous origin. Street vendors can be seen serving them from huge, steaming, covered pots (tamaleras) or ollas. The most common fillings are pork and chicken, in either red or green salsa or mole.

The cooking of tamales is traditionally done in batches of tens if not hundreds, and the ratio of filling to dough (and the coarseness of the filling) is a matter of preference. Instead of corn husks, banana or plantain leaves are used in tropical parts of the country, such as Oaxaca, Chiapas, Veracruz, and the Yucatán Peninsula. These tamales are rather square in shape, often very large— 15 inches (40 cm) or more— and thick; a local name for these in Veracruz is zacahuil, and these larger tamales are commonly known as "pibs" in the Yucatán Peninsula.

Another less-common variation is to use chaya or avocado leaves, which can be eaten along with the filling. Tamales became one of the representatives of Mexican culinary tradition in Europe, being one of the first samples of the culture the Spanish conquistadors took back to Spain as proof of civilization, according to Fray Juan de Zumarraga. Tamales are usually eaten during festivities, such as Christmas, the Day of the Dead, Las Posadas, La Candelaria Day (February 2) and Mexican Independence Day.

news around Mexico, Quintana Roo and the yucatan peninsula

Southwest Airlines Launches New Service To Cancun

Southwest Airlines launched initial service to Mexico with daily flights between Cancun and both Atlanta and Baltimore / Washington.

The Company plans to fully convert all international and domestic service currently flown by AirTran to Southwest by the end of this year.  The carriers’ flights schedules are published through Mar. 6, 2015, and are available for purchase at

A nice value offering on these flights are Bags Fly Free® and No Change Fees.

Saturday-only service on Southwest between Milwaukee and Cancun begins Aug. 16, 2014.

AirTran Airways continues to operate daily service between Mexico City and Orange County/Santa Ana until the route converts to Southwest Airlines service on Nov. 2, 2014.

Saturday-only service on Southwest between Milwaukee and Cancun begins Aug. 16, 2014. 
Southwest Airlines began international service on July 1 with flights to Oranjestad, Aruba; Montego Bay, Jamaica; and Nassau, The Bahamas, in the Caribbean.  International service from Denver begins Oct. 7.  Additional international service from Chicago (Midway), Austin, and San Antonio begins Nov. 2, the same day Southwest Airlines begins serving Punta Cana, Dominican Republic*, and Mexico City

News about Yucatan Ferry Service

Hello Everyone:

Finally some very exciting news with regard to a US to Yucatan ferry service.  Following are excerpts from Bruce Nierenberg which he has given permission to share.  Please feel free to share this news.

Below is Bruce’s response to the many questions we have had over the course of the years.  One very large remaining question is the US port and Yucatan port.  United Caribbean is still in negotiations with the ports and is therefore not able to declare the ports at this time.  As soon as the ports and confirmed and update will be sent out.

“We will have a nice introductory offer for our first time users when we start. We will also have discounts They will be based on seasonality and when they choose to travel.  We intend to make those customers who use us regularly to get the best prices, best discounts  and the most benefits.

If your associates and members have sent us a response to the survey and I have the email address for them as a result I will make sure they receive the introductory offers first as an appreciation for them helping with the surveys.  we will be ready to begin bookings  in October at the latest for April trips. Those offers will include upgrades,  special rates on cars etc. and goodies on board. 

We expect the round trip fare for the ferry including a cabin and all food and entertainment on board to start at $350 round trip. Cars will probably cost $95 one way. Again, frequent users will pay lower rates. We have even discussed with others the interest in getting super special rates by buying a ticket book for trips in advance that gets them the lowest possible rates, guaranteed space on the trips they want, and the lowest car rates too.

Questions most frequently asked:

1. Can we bring small pets?  - yes

2. Can I bring extra stuff for my residence in Mexico other than luggage and what fits in my car? - yes..

 We will have special personal cargo bins that can hold up to 1000 lbs and hold bulky items like bedding, appliances, even a refrigerator. We will rent the bins one way for $95. Compare that to excess baggage charges for luggage!!!!!

3. Can I bring an RV - yes

4. Motorcycles - yes

5. Small boats - yes

6. When will the web site be up - it's already being prepared.  We will have a preliminary site up by end august that will have schedules etc.We will send out an email to all when the site is ready.

7. When will bookings start? - target is October.

8. When will first voyage be?

Target is April. Still having details worked out as it relates to when the ship will be turned over to us for use.

9. Will this be a year round service ?.

Yes. There will be 2 round trips per week between the U.S. And the Yucatan. 52 weeks a year

10. How will we be able to book?

Online thru the website. Thru major online travel sellers like Expedia Orbitz, etc. Your favorite personal travel agent.

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Profepa fined “Dragon Mart” with 7.2 Million pesos

Mexican environmental authorities have levied a 7.2 million pesos ($555,000 USD), fine against Dragon Mart, a project to build a massive trade center to showcase Chinese products south of Cancun.

The Attorney General for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) declared on Thursday, August 14th. The fine was for building roads through wetlands and affecting coastal ecosystems without authorization.

Cancun Dragonmart

The office said the project known as “Dragon Mart” did not wait for authorization of environmental impact statements for the work.

The project has been criticized by environmentalists because its sprawling size — about 350 acres (142 hectares) of residential, warehouse and exhibition space — and because of concerns about deforestation and the massive quantities of wastewater it could create. It was unclear whether work on the project just south of Cancun could be closed, because the case is still before the courts.

Often we think that large organizations can get away with environmental murder, but the decision was the latest battle against almost uncontrolled development of World Class, 5 Star, All Inclusive Resorts along the coast south of Cancun, in the area we now know as Riviera Maya.


I love you Xcalak

XCALAK POLLY What's New in Xcalak

I have been walking the dogs down the cemetery road South of town for while. They can run, sniff and chase critters till their hearts content. And they do, did. I walked about 2 km and they must have done at least 20.


We would get home have breakfast and they would zonk out for hours. I love the birds, many parrots, Yucatan blue jays, melodious blackbirds and all the different orioles.

I love to look at the tracks and try to figure out who and what's been where. So interesting. We see Agouti, peccary, raccoons, coatis and snakes. A couple of times my dirty little white dog pulled a smallish snake from the undergrowth and put it at my feet, then of course all of them surrounded it and i had to shout to rescue it? them?

The nice renter from the house at the end of the road stopped to chat, he told me on his way down the road one evening he had come upon a large beige with black markings jaguar, it continued walking just looking back over its shoulder and stepped off into the jungle. Then he said the following day he watched a jaguar kit playing in the road until the noise of the car frightened it off. He's been here about a month and has had at least 7 sightings. Black and a beige with a black head and shoulders, then more different sized black ones. He thinks there are some young jaguars his end of the road too, he can hear them play fighting from the property.

So happy, we must have a healthy jungle, I decided to take the dogs on the road to Aguada  rather than have them come face to face with Mum should they chase the kit!  They would end up as fast food, not fast enough!!.

We are walking the Aguada road now. Don't feel too sorry for us, this is the view at the end of the road, and where they go to swim. Its 4 1/2 km from town, south, i saw this very small man  for a few mornings then he had a puppy walking with him. My hoodlums took off to say hello! And frightened the little thing. He ran like the blazes into the mangroves and disappeared. The man just carried on walking back towards town. On the way home I saw him and stopped to see if the puppy had caught up with him,  "no, poor little thing, it was on its own on that road where there is nothing. It will be jaguar food ". Are you going again tomorrow I ask, maybe is the reply.

So I feel really rotten, my horrible well fed dogs chasing a poor little hungry pup that could have had a home, next morning I find a container with water and tortillas by the side of the road, no sign of the man or pup. After our walk, swim, we head back home, there on the road is Don Victor and this little pup. Makes my heart feel good to think he cared enough to put out water and some food and come back for the pup, a 9 km walk in the heat.

These mangroves grow beside the road, doing their job beautifully .Purifying Protecting Anchoring I'm pretty sure our coast wouldn't be here without them.

Snake track


Dogs in the road

End of road


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