Mayan Beach Garden Resort

Hurricane Wilma Aftermath - Mayan Beach Garden is OPEN and the Costa Maya is Beautiful!

We want to thank everyone for their love and concern for us during Hurricane Wilma. Many people have e-mailed us about the status of Mayan Beach Garden, Mahahual and the community. I can't imagine how we would have held up to a direct hit like Cozumel - our prayers are with everyone in that area. There was no damage to any permanent structures in Placer and Mahahual because we had minimal wind. There was a lot of rain and the surge brought a lot of garbage with it and reshaped the beach, tearing away trees and depositing sand and garbage in the aftermath. We've posted some pictures below so you can see the extent of the damage and how the beach has changed - everything here pales in comparison to Cancun. Roads in and out of Placer are passable with a normal car and because we are not on the electricity grid, we have electricity from solar and generators. The road to Punta Herrera requires a 4 wheel drive because of the extra sand deposited on the road.

Mayan Beach Garden after the cleanup from Wilma. There used to be a tree where the beach chairs sit.

Pictures: posted 25-Oct-05 Hold your cursor over an image for a second to read a description of the image. Clicking on it will open a larger picture. Return to this page by using the back arrow

Mahahual - Pictures taken by Juan Carlos Ortega, of the Costa Maya Property Owners Association, Kim and Marcia Bales

Mahahual dock Mahahual dock going Dock in front of Tequila Beach club Boats in the street debris from surge Road into Mahahual - debris

Placer - Pictures taken by Miguel Sosa, President Costa Maya Chamber of Commerce and Marcia Bales

Dive shop at El Placer del Caribe - during surge El Placer del Caribe dive shop aftermath Surge engulfing tree in Placer Palapa washed away at Mayan Beach Garden Placer - Palm tree down Mayan Beach Garden surge debris Beach erosion (Harald's) 1/2 km south of MBG

El Placer del Caribe debris Wagon wheel washed up debris New reshaped beach Buddy safe and sound New recarved beach at MBG Debris at Casa Garcia

La Brisa - large log washed ashore

Pictures: posted 1-Nov-05
South of Mahahual

18 km. south of Mahahual - Beach Erosion

Rio Indio Area

2 km north of the Rio Indo Exit - Hotel cleaning up Road newly graded - sand and debris piled up


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