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Hymenocallis (not certain of the subspecies, but probably littoralis)
Believe it or not, this white lily (I don't know the common name) is a weed that loves the salt air and grows right up to the high tide mark. Its white flower is fragrant and blooms serveral times during the year. The flower including the delicate petals that stick way out is about 5 inches across and the greenery stays beautiful year round. The flower stands about 12-18 inches high. Fields of this flower grow in the Sian Ka'an and all along the Costa Maya. It is a bulb that once established is hard to get rid of.

Hymenocallis littoralis
Crinum augustum
Crinum augustum ( Amaryllidaceae )
This stunning flower is my favorite that grows on the beach. It blooms sporadically year round and like many lilies has many blossoms on one stem. Each bunch of flowers can be up to ten inches across and the smell is intoxicating. The flower stem can be quite tall and grows up to 4 feet tall. To give you an idea of the size of this flower, the flower pod is 12 inches long before opening. I believe its common name in Hawaii is Queen Emmas Lily. Heaven knows how it got here, but it grows everywhere and seems to like the sand and salt air. An interesting note: after Hurricane Dean, they were the first plants to show life, even blooming 5 days after everything else was killed by salt water!
I'll admit that this lily is not native, but a wild lily from San Francisco. Several of these grow in the garden at Mayan Beach Garden.
Allamanda ( Allamanda cathartica --Maybe -- not positive of identification since I believe that Allamanda is a vine.) This flowering tree grows near the cabanas. It's yellow flowers smell sweet and after flowering leave a fruit-like bud.
Bougainvillea lines the beach road. Although it blooms year round, it is especially beautiful in May and a week or so after a big rain.
Heliconia Latispatha

Heliconia Latispatha.
This is growing by my entry where it gets all the rain that runs off the palapa deck. It is really thirsty. I am pretty certain of the identification of this since I found a picture that is very similar on the New York Botanical garden website dedicated to the flora of Belize. We are very close to Belize and there seem to be many varieties of Heliconia growing around the jungles. The locals incorrectly refer to this as a bird of paradise.

Updated 20-Jun-2011

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