Mayan Beach Garden Resort

Menu del Dia/Menu of the Day

El Restaurante Jardin is open to the public. Hours: 7:00 - 10:30, 12:30 - 3 and 5:30 -8:30. If you desire another seating time, or would like something for a special event, please let us know so we can accommodate you. Email to make reservations for the evening meal. At this time, unvaccinated clients will be seated apart from vaccinated clients. Thank you for your understanding.

Our specials change daily. Below are the items in our rotation. All dinner meals include purified water and botanas, (chips, pico de gallo, bean dip). The average price is approximately 200 pesos. Fish is a little more, vegetarian a little less. We also have a standard menu comprised of local Yucatecan dishes, sandwiches, soups and salads. Lobster and Ceviche are available in season and are included in our Standard menu.

Pineapple Boat

Dinner Special of the Day / Especial del dia - Cena
Note: Lobster available any night during Lobster Season based on availability - please inquire for price.

To maintain sanitary distancing, reservations are required for any group not staying at Mayan Beach Garden. (Take out orders welcomed)

Brochetas - Tender pork chunks marinated in olive oil and spices, cooked over a grill with pineapple and veggies lightly brushed with MBG BBQ sauce , herbed potatoes, vegetables,
NOTE: Mexican Brochetas are similar to a shish-ka-bob.

OPTIONS: Chicken, shrimp or vegetarian brochettes with Vegan meatballs grilled over fire. The picture at the right is of shrimp and cooked over flames.

Shrimp Brochettas

Fish cooked over flame in banana leaves Mayan Ti'kin xic style with Achiote, tomatoes sweet chili Xkitic and herbs. Served with roasted potatoes, vegetables

OPTIONS: Fish, Chicken or Vegetarian cooked plain or Ti'kin xic Style

Pescado T'kin Xic

Tacos and Ceviche - Start the meal with ceviche (Vegan available with notice) and followed with your choice of Fish, beef, chicken or vegetarian tacos. Served with variety of salsas and toppings

OPTIONS: Fish, chicken, beef or vegetarian Tacos. For vegetarians and vegans, we include a garbanzo ceviche

Tacos (your choce)

PIZZA Night on Thursdays -- take outs accepted starting at 5:30. 16" pizza is $180 pesos, 10" pizza is $120 pesos. GLUTEN FREE CRUST AVAILABLE for 40 pesos extra.

MEAT OPTIONS: (choose 1) Shrimp, Pepperoni, home made sausage, ham or mushroom in place of meat.
TOPPING OPTIONS: (no limit) Green bell pepper, onion, tomato, basil, pineapple, olives, jalapeno chili, Poblano chili, black beans, zucchini, Chaya/spinach
Mushrooms - $20 pesos extra
VEGAN: we don't have consistent access to vegan cheese, but we make a great pesto pizza with your choice of any of the above vegetables and the option of vegan burger crumbed on top..

Pizza Friday

Pineapple boat with your choice of shrimp or chicken: Rice seasoned with Achiote, pineapple, pecans, bacon bits and red bell pepper. Comes with raw veggies. (note, please let us know if you don't like one of the ingredients, we can omit them) . Made with local pineapples grown in Pedro Santos (the pineapple town).

OPTIONS: vegetarian or Chicken served in the same manner

Pineapple Boat

Relleno Negro , a traditional Mayan/Yucatecan dish usually reserved for special occasions like Day of the Dead. It is found in Merida served in the Mercado, but because it is labor intensive, is usually not served often in homes. The dish comes with barbecued Chicken marinated in a blackened mild chili recado and pork meatballs filled with the same Recado. It is served with rice and vegetables. This dish is mildly hot - if you are highly sensitive to spices, please let us know and we will serve it without the sauce

OPTIONs: Shrimp topped with the blackened sauce, chicken (without sauce) , pure meat balls, or Negro vegetarian meatballs made from our home made Vegan patty recipe and vegetable stock.

Relleno Negro

"Pescado en Hoja de Momo" Fish wrapped in a tropical leaf called "Momo" locally but known throughout other parts of Mexico as "Hoja santa" . This regional dish has slices of sweet platanos, grilled onions and chili Xcatic wrapped in an envelop of Mom and steamed in a Banana leaf.

OPTIONS: Fish, chicken, and For vegetarians and vegans, we a vegan burger served the same way.

pescado en Hoja Santa

Pollo Pebre - Unique Yucatecan dish only served in a few locations that is a mixture of traditional Mayan and Spanish flavors made with Chicken marinated in Achiote , sour orange, capers and a smoky flavored sauce. Served with curried rice, hand made tortillas and veggies...

OPTIONS:: Pollo Asado (BBQ chicken Yucatecan style) or, Vegetarian burger topped with the Pebre sauce.

Pollo Pebre

Caribbean Coconut encrusted Fish with a mango-chipotle dipping sauce, served with herbed potatoes and veggies. Made with non-sweetened and freshly graded coconut from one of the many coconut trees at Mayan Beach Garden.

OPTIONS: Chicken encrusted with coconut or cooked plain. Vegetarian also available - cauliflower, zucchini and Mushrooms (when available) encrusted in coconut

Coconut Encrusted Fish

Pollo Relleno con Chaya, Calabasa local and queso/ Chicken filled with chaya, a local pumpkin and cheese and topped with a poblano sauce

OPTIONS: Fish served in the same manner or vegetarian omelet stuffed with cheese, chaya and calabasa (Vegan Version available upon request). Also can order chicken or fish served plain on the grill.

Pollo relleno con chaya, calabasa y queso
Fish Fillet of the day, prepared "mojo de ajo" (garlic butter) and topped with a fresh fruit pico de gallo.

OPTIONS: Chicken or our own VEGAN patty made with quinoa, carrots, spinach and black beans topped with the same pico. Optionally, any of the options can be served plain.


Pescado con Pico de gallo de fruta

Cochinita Pibil Yucatecan version of pulled pork marinated in Achiote, sour orange and other herbs and spices-served with hand made tortillas and served on banana leaf with lime-marinated purple onions,

OPTIONS: Vegetarian Pibil, or Chicken Pibil

Caribbean Calypso Fish - Local Snapper thick cut fillets grilled over flame with a coconut-lime sauce made fresh from the coconut palms here at Mayan Beach Garden. Topped with fresh grated toasted coconut and cilantro. Served with cilantro rice and veggies,
(Note: please let us know if you don't like Cilantro, we can make it without.)

OPTIONS: chicken marinated in lime and served the same way or vegetarian barley, black beans and fresh cheese topped with Calypso sauce

Pescado con salsa de Limon y coco

Seafood cooked in Coconut (Sopa Mariscos en Coco) -- Shrimp, octopus and fish cooked in coconut milk and served in a coconut. This is a special Caribbean dish served in a hot coconut with lime and a little pineapple. Includes rice and raw vegetables served on the side

OPTIONS: Chicken cooked in the coconut or Vegetarian with Barley and Garbanzos.

Sopa de Mariscos en coco

Pork steaks slow cooked in Mango - Pineapple chutney served over Coconut rice with vegetables.

OPTIONS: Chicken, fish or vegetarian bean cakes topped with the same sauce. Any can be served plane

Pork with Mango sauce
Chef's Choice -- Dori comes up with something interesting! Email us if you want to know or have something you really want to try. Surprise!