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Spear Fishing - Shallow water and Extreme Free Diving
Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced - Courses - Tours in Costa Maya, Mexico

What is the Sport of Spear Fishing? If you have never experienced it and you love the water, swimming, snorkeling and fishing, this sport is for you. In Mexico, the use of scuba tanks when spearfishing is illegal.

Breathing is Cheating!

Spear Fishing Tours:

Shallow Reef - from SHORE 1/2 day

  • Maximum 5 people with only 3 shooters at any one time.
  • Includes Spear gun, Weight Belt, and Spear fishing permit.
  • This trip includes quite a bit of swimming so you should be a good swimmer or snorkeler.
  • Drinks and snacks will be provided after the trip.
  • Training included for beginners
  • Tour catered to your skill level

This Tour can be extended to a full day (8 hours). The tour includes shore dives from different locations. Discounts for multiple days are available.

Shallow Reef - from BOAT (half day),

  • Price $150.00 USD** per person
  • Minimum 2 persons (or $300 for the boat)
  • Each additional person over 3 pays only $90 USD
  • Maximum 5 people with only 3 shooters at any one time.
  • Includes Spear gun, Weight Belt, and Spear fishing permit.
  • Drinks and snacks will be provided on the boat for before after the trip.
  • We carry motion sickness medication - just in case.
  • Training included for beginners
  • Tour designed to each person's skill level
This Trip can be extended to a full day (8hours). This trip by boat will be done in different spots that have great fish populations. This is a great trip for people who want to just watch the action or relax as well. 

WANT TO JUST WATCH THE EXCITEMENT AND SEALIFE FROM THE SNORKELERS VIEW? EXTREME SNORKELING IS JUST $50.00 USD** PER PERSON! If you are swimming from shore or going by boat rest assured you are going to have a blast! 

Contact us for more information about personalized spear fishing charters at Mayan Beach Garden


We offer exclusive Spear Fishing Charter packages here in Costa Maya! Our charters are limited to only 6 spearos to keep the quality and privacy of the charter that much better! Our charters include 5 to 10 days of straight fishing from the time you wake up until the sun goes down. We fully accommodate your every need! You will have all the comfort of Mayan Beach Garden for yourself or family and all the fish you can eat (prepared in the famous Mayan Beach Garden kitchen. Plus great conversation every night about your fishing adventures.

MahahualEcotours spearfishing

Spear Fishing Mahahual

Spear Fishing

Contact Marcia at Mayan Beach Garden for quotes on Spear Fishing packages. If some of your party doesn't fish - don't worry - Mayan Beach Garden is all about helping you design the perfect vacation.

Shore diving - for Beginners or advanced

Shore diving is perhaps the most common form of spear fishing and simply involves entering and exiting the sea from beaches and hunting around ocean structures, usually reef, but also rocks, sea grasses  or sand. Usually shore divers hunt at depths of 5–25 meters (16–82 ft), depending on location. Reef fish can be abundant in these locations. In subtropical areas, sharks may be less common, but other challenges face the shore diver, such as managing entry and exit in the presence of big waves. Timing is important so the diver does not get pushed onto rocks by waves. Beach entry can be safer, but more swimming is involved and sometimes it is strenuous crossing the reef-line. Shore dives produce mainly reef fish, but ocean going pelagic fish fish are caught from shore dives too, and can be specifically targeted.

Mike with Fish that have been speared

Boat diving - for beginners or advanced

We use Boats captained by a local licensed boat captain to access offshore reefs, although Mayan Beach Garden does have two kayaks that can be used . Sometimes a boat is necessary to access a location that is close to shore, but inaccessible by land due to strong surf or rocky shores, as in parts of Mahahual. Methods and gear used for boat diving are similar to shore diving or blue water hunting, depending on the target prey. Here in Mahahual, you can fish Chinchorro, Mahahual and most of the Costa Maya.

grouper from Costa Maya

Blue water hunting - advanced only

Blue water hunting is the area of most interest to elite spear fishers, but has increased in popularity generally in recent years. It involves accessing usually very deep and clear water and trolling, chumming for large pelagic fish species such as marlin, tuna, or giant trevally. Blue water hunting is often conducted in drifts; the boat driver drops divers and allow them to drift in the current for up to several kilometers before collecting them. Notably, blue water hunters make use of breakaway rigs and large multi-band wooden guns to catch and subdue their prey. If the prey is large and still has fight left after being subdued, a second gun can provide a kill shot at a safe distance. This is acceptable to IBSRC and IUSA regulations as long as the spear fisher loads it himself in the water. Blue water hunting is conducted worldwide.

The instructors at Costa Maya Spear Fishing regularly clock depths up to 35 meters or over 100 feet deep. Most dives, however are at the 65-80 feet range. If you need training to go deeper, courses are available to improve your skills.

Contact us for more information about personalized spear fishing charters at Mayan Beach Garden

All spear fishing tours are with Victor Rosales
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Coming up from the deep

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