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Mayan Beach Garden is proud to have Jim Conrad from stay at Mayan Beach Garden for a second time. He is on temporary loan to the Costa Maya co-working on a project for Promotora Ecoturistica y Cultural Peninsular SA de CV (the Hacienda Chichen legal business coorporation). While he is here, he is offering free Nature Guide sessions to guests at Mayan Beach Garden.

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Harness Nature's Powerful Creative Energy :

In a peaceful and inspiring environment Jim acts as a guide to open your eyes and mind to the natural wonder that is the Costa Maya and the Yucatan. Using techniques inspired by nature-study, you will not only see nature in a new way, but learn techniques that will continue to enrich your life when you return to your own environment. The processes of learning to observe birds, butterflies, plants, animals, insects, fish and all that nature has to offer in a sensory way, step by step, and of paying close attention to what nature has to teach each individual, becomes a meditation that can give birth to new streams of inspiration. Your spirit, like a new leaf unfurling will discover the joy of fully utilizing all that nature has to offer.

Portulacca seeds
Portulaca seeds in the bottom half of a fruit capsule can be found in many gardens, but most people never think to look for this tiny bowl of jewels. Discovering them by oneself-- as well as millions of other unforeseen glimpses of beauty -- can be a step toward personal enlightenment.


As your natural eyes observe nature you will forget about "learning" and start to feel your environment and nature meditation will evolve. Each person will have a unique and powerful experience with nature, either individually or in a group. Through conversations with Jim, he will help you create a memorable experience that is timeless and sometimes life-changing.

Some may prefer a more structured, even scholarly approach. One example is to look at basic flower structure -- learn how to identify the calyx, corolla, the stamens with their filaments and anthers, and pistils with their stigmas, styles and ovaries. Once the image of a "Standard Blossom" is implanted in the participant's mind, Jim will act as your guide to show you how flowers in the garden differ from the mind- flower. Those differences will be what make the flowers one encounters special. And as one passes from flower to flower, thrusting the mind into dewy regions such as the throat of the Amaryllis flower below, on an esthetic level one will be savoring variations on the Standard Blossom theme exactly as one might enjoy melodic variations in a Bach fugue. On a spiritual level... spending time engaging one's mind with the interior zone of an amaryllis can be a purifying experience.

Amaryllis flowerSo many variations to the basic mind-flower theme, and so many exceptions to the general rules, exist in the world of blossom structure that one could spend days, months, or even years never exhausting the delight to be had merely in looking at flowers. However, also there are birds, and butterflies, fish and principles of ecology to think about, and horticulture, and spiritual questions, such as why all this diversity exists in the first place, and why it's so beautiful...


  1. Participants must be an overnight guest at MAYAN BEACH GARDEN INN or have made advance reservations at
  2. COST: Jim is a paid employee of Promotora Ecoturistica y Cultural Peninsular SA de CV (the Hacienda Chichen Resort legal business coorporation), and during his time here, his guided walks and sessions at Mayan Beach Garden are free, if you feel you have gained something from your time with Jim, at your discretion, you may leave Jim a thank you gift of whatever you wish at the end of the session.
  3. Guided tours: Bicycle tours, distance tours away from Mayan Beach Garden Inn requiring transportation other than your own sandals will incur additional fees.
  4. Ask for tour/meditation packages into the more remote areas of the Sian Ka'an Biosphere.
  5. Participants should bring a camera, notebook, a jeweler's loupe or hand lens for seeing tiny flower features, insect legs, crystals in rocks, etc., and binoculars if interested in birds.
  6. If you already have reservations at Mayan Beach Garden, arrangements can be made with Jim beforehand by email. You may also schedule visits to Jim at Hacienda Chichen Itza when he returns.


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