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Activities > Interactive Dolphin Swim at the Costa Maya Pier - Delphinus

The Costa Maya dolphin swim is run by the same organization that runs the dolphin swim at Xcaret and Xelha and all dophins were born and raised in captivity so are very "people-friendly."



Every dolphin has its own character. Look at this sweet face!

Dolphin Interactive Swim has a maximum of 10 people per dolphin. Each interactive swim lasts 30 minutes and includes life jacket and a presentation about the dolphins.

The dolphin program includes

  • Dolphin Signals
  • Photo of a Dolphin Kiss
  • Platform Signals
  • Free Interaction Time
  • Bar jump
  • Dolphin footpush

The Dolphin Park is located at the Costa Maya Pier which is about 24 km sout of Mayan Beach Garden. To reserve, contact Delphinus at

Mayan Beach Garden is not affiliated with Uvero Beach Club or Delphinus.

Mayan Beach Garden guests with Dolphin.

swimming with dolphins

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