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Your special event should be an event to remember. Mayan Beach Garden is perfect for small intimate destination weddings, anniversaries and birthday parties. Let us help you plan yours. Destination weddings, anniversaries and Birthdays are a great way to combine your event with the perfect honeymoon or vacation.

If it is just the two of you, saying your vows on the beach can be romantic and memorable. Mayan Beach Garden's intimate setting and hospitable hosts turn your wedding day into an unforgettable "mini-vacation" for you and your guests.

There are two types of marriages in Mexico -- Legal and Religious. If you want your Costa Maya marriage legalized in the country that you live in, there are legal procedures that must be followed:

  • Must be performed by a legal judge with the authority to make your marriage legal
  • Bride and Groom must be present in Mexico several days in advance in order to get blood tests and to have legal documents translated
  • Birth Certificates: These will need to be certified and translated by an approved translator. This can be done here in Mexico or contact your nearest Mexican Consulate for details regarding Quintana Roo.
  • Legal documentation showing parents name (in Mexico, your marriage cannot be recorded without your parents names)
  • Legal documents - these differ depending on country of origin and previous marriage history (divorced, widowed, etc.)
  • Passport: valid for at least 6 months and a copy of same (both the bride and groom).
  • Immigration form: Original copies of the tourist permit which was completed at the port of entry or other resident permit (visa, FM3, FM2, etc.)
  • Divorce Decree / Death Certificate: If the woman was previously married, or either partner is widowed, copies of the Divorce Decree or Death Certificate, if applicable, will be required for presentation. This too must be translated into Spanish.
  • In Quintana Roo, the State where Mayan Beach Garden is located in, women (not men) who have been previously married may not remarry for 300 calendar days following the date of the final decree of divorce unless during that time they have given birth or can prove "by medical dictate" that they are not pregnant.
  • Four Witnesses -- either Mexican Nationals or foreign persons with FM3s

    Religious Ceremony

    If the list above looks daunting, don't despair. You can have a beautiful Religious ceremony which can take any form you like and does not require formal documentation or blood tests. You then register your marriage at the justice of the peace or other legal office in your own country.

Amy and Daniel June 2012

Amy and Daniel's Kiss

See Photo Gallery below!

Design your own Costa Maya Wedding, Anniversary or Birthday Experience

Photo Gallery

We are small enough at Mayan Beach Garden that you can design your own custom made experience. Options:

  • Name your Location -- under a beachfront palapa, in the surf, on a completely deserted beach, in a boat on a private lagoon, on our rooftop observatory, under the palms, in the restaurant -- you pick the place!
  • Music -- choose a full Mariachi band, two musicians serenading your guests, or CD's of your favorite music
  • Dining experience -- From Surf N Turf (Steak and Lobster) to appetizers on the roof -- you choose! Choose a night before rehearsal dinner and an after wedding "Moonlight Bash" on the roof.
  • Flowers -- Pick your colors or use the traditional Mexican colors of Orange, yellow and White. Have flowers delivered for all of your guests, and fill the place with tropical flowers
  • Wedding Activities -- Options are endless, but included rooftop dancing, Piñata on the beach, Bachelor and Bachelorette parties -- the ideas are endless
  • English or Spanish ceremony (legal ceremony may be in Spanish and translated)
  • Drinks -- you can select to treat your guests to a an open bar (you can define this), champagne toast, wine, Sangria, Pitchers of Margaritas, pineapples or green coconuts full of Piña Coladas -- the list of ideas is endless. Selection of virgin drinks available for the
  • Guest mementos -- help us provide ideas for items that your guests can take home to make this special day truly memorable, from personalized hand-embroidered Mayan enspired napkins to local souveniers.
  • Massage/Spa station
  • Special Requests? -- just ask

Photo Gallery

Let your friends toast you on the Beach!

We are Legal! (requires thumbprint)

Anniversary celebration and renewal of vows!

Dancing on the roof at Sunset

Chocolate cake -- is as good as it looks!

We're finally married!!!!!

Traditional Mexican wedding cake soaked in Rum
Xcalak Polly and Corona moment
Costa Maya Wedding and vow renewals - Make yours special at Mayan Beach Garden
"I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful hospitality!  The day was perfect....and when we look bacik, it was definitely a highlight of our trip. 
Last night when we arrived home around midnight (after traveling all day) I rushed in to see the pictures you had sent.  Bob and I so enjoyed re-living that day and some of the shots Heather captured were priceless. Thanks for a remarkable day!  You will definitely get some good PR from the Harrises!! (March 2009)"
Malinda and Robert wedding on Costa Maya
Malinda and Robert say their vows on the Beach.

CraigNKelly romantic moment at the tree

wedding costa maya
Quiet moment on the beach - just the two of you before returning to the cruise ship.

Wedding stroll down the beach

KellyNCraig on the stairs

Kelly N Craig


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