Mayan Beach Garden announces Extended Stay Serviced Apartments and Studios

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Kim and I would like to express our appreciation for allowing us to serve you during the 19 years that Mayan Beach Garden has been open. As a result of a shortage of longer stay beachfront apartments, we took advantage of COVID shutdowns to accelerate remodeling that we began in 2019. Our new units have everything needed for extended stays at the beach.  This fall, all of our rooms will be Studio, or 1 bedroom serviced apartments with full kitchens and some of the amenities that come with a hotel.

So, what does that mean?  All apartments will have fully stocked kitchens that include a full-sized fridge with freezer, table and chairs for dining, and more comfortable seating.  Some will have screened porches to allow our clients to eat outside.  The serviced apartments have minimum stays of 7 days to 21 days, depending on the time of year. There are deeper discounts for monthly and longer stays. The downside of change is that many of you don’t have the time off for an extended vacation. But for those that are thinking of staying for a month or even a year – please think of Mayan Beach Garden. And if we have a few empty days between long stays, I'm happy to squeeze you in, so contact me. I can’t wait to show you our new units. We hope you like the changes.

Beachfront kitchen

Communal Dining:
During COVID, while most of you were quarantined in your homes, we were busy working on certification to reopen safely. To keep our guests safe and at a healthy distance, COVID has forced us to temporarily serve our guests at separate tables.  Kim still visits with jokes and stories. Once COVID has passed-the communal dining will return. 

Other Changes

  • Our Restaurant will remain open, but the meal plan is being replaced with lighter offerings based on customer feedback.  We will still have the Menu of the day, but it will not include dessert and starters. 
  • The morning coffee Buffet is gone and in its place, every morning we deliver a pot of coffee/Tea, toast and Homemade chili-pineapple jam and juice to your room.
  • Those staying for two weeks or more, receive weekly cleaning, 1 load of personal laundry a week, starter cleaning supplies, shampoo, conditioner, and soaps
  • All guests are invited to complimentary Art day.  Most supplies are included. 
  • Other Community activities like Happy hour and potlucks
  • We now have phone service in the dining room.
  • Lots more art and mosaics around the hotel.

We are still working on updating the web site, but below are images with links to some of the remodeled rooms – we would love your feedback. If you can stay for a longer period of time, I hope you decide to take advantage of our new serviced apartments. If you can’t stay that long – contact me to see if we have a space to squeeze you in .

You can still email me at
Phone and WhatsApp: +52 983 130 8658


SeaView 2nd level Studio
Tonina 2nd level #6 (Studio)



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