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Punta Herrero is really the "end of the road" for the Costa Maya and the southern entrance into the Sian Ka'an. (see map) Punta Herrero is a small fishing village that harvests primarily lobster in the Bahia de Espiritu Santo. Punta Herrero is situated on a tiny sand spit between a beautiful lagoon and the ocean. Mangroves keep it from washing away. It is beautiful and worth visiting. The trip is close to 3 hours from Mahahual because it primarily follows an unimproved beach road and 2.5 hours from Mayan Beach Garden. The road is very passable, even with a small vehicle. If it has been raining, however, a vehicle with high clearance would be a good choice. Guests of Mayan Beach Garden - make sure and ask for a self-guided map.

Lagoon at Punta Herrero
Lagoon at Punta Herrero
Store and phone at Punta Herrero
There are some services in Punta Herrero, including a phone and small store selling beer and sodas. No hotel is available. Note the blue recycling bins in front of the store. Punta Herrero is in the Sian Ka'an so the locals must use every means possible to protect the environment.

.The fisherman at Punta Herrero have formed a cooperative to not only sell fish, but to act as tour guides -- Soc. Coop de Prod. Pesq. They offer flyfishing, snorkeling, kayaking trips in the lagoon and bird watching trips. The two story hut on the beach is their headquarters. You can't always drop in and get a guide for a tour. Because they are also fisherman, you will need to reserve their services at least a day in advance so they will not go out fishing that day. A couple of the fisherman speak English. Mayan Beach Garden has a good relationship with the coopertive and our tour guide can facilitate tours and activities for you with the cooperative.

Fisherman's and Tourism coop

Restaurant at Punta Herrero

At the time of this posting, there was one restaurant in Punta Herrero. Note that it doesn't have a sign so you will have to ask where it is. They offer fresh lobster, conch and fish caught that day -- sometimes minutes before. Don't expect a full course meal, just good fish. If they have no fish that day, they won't be open so you will need to be prepare with a sack lunch just in case. Mayan Beach Garden tours always include such preparations "just in case."

At the VERY end of the road is a little house inhabited by Walt and Lou. Their yacht crashed into the reef a few years earlier and they decided to stay.

Walt and Lou's

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