Photo Gallery - Images of Mayan Beach Garden, Costa Maya and Mahahual
Many photos have been taken by our guests.

Welcome to Mayan Beach Garden

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The road-side church in Limones

Daniela Habringer took this beautiful picture of a Queen Trigger fish (Balistes vetula)while snorkeling close to Mayan Beach Garden

Trigger Fish

Enjoy the white sand and turquoise water of the Caribbean

Of course more than one chair can be nice too.

French angelfish

French Angel fish

Both underwater photos taken by Daniela Harbringer

Great snorkeling from the beach, Sergeant Majors (Abudefduf saxatilis) are abundant.
Blue Tang

Blue Tang and Doctor Fish Acanthurus chirurgus


Elkhorn coral provides perfect hiding place for blue tang and other tropical fish . Underwater photos by Daniela Habringer

Elkhorn Coral

Royal Terns displaying typical behavior. They are in the area most of the year.



Rooftop observatory


Restaurant and rooftop observatory

Iguana at Tulum

The one that didn't get away


Mosaic staircase to the roof-top observatory



Arricari on the Papaya tree (Toucan family) - Photo by John



Sergeant Major (Abudefduf saxatilis)

photo by Kevin Kutterer

More snorkel pictures by Kevin

Pictures taken by our guests:   See our Guest Book for more...

Happy Jeff

Family Picture at the Ruins



Amy headed for the big wave

Yucatan Jays by the compost bin

Royal Terns in the Punta Placer tide pools

Lunch on the Beach

Resident Fox visiting the compost at MBG

Yucatan Jays telling secrets about the compost pile! Both of these photos are Christopher photos.

Snorkeling -- Large brain coral with a variety of fish

photo by Kevin Kutterer April 2007

More snorkel pictures by Kevin

Mooster (Mr. Gregarious) claims the hammock.

Guest Photo - Nancy Griffen Feb '07

Shipwreck in the Sian Ka'an with fish-trap near-by

Guest Photo - Mark Handelman Mar '08

asleep in the hammock with Mooster

Photo courtesy Susan Erickson Jan '08 -



Mayan Beach Garden Bar N friends!

Photo courtesy of Susan Erickson


Find out the name of the bird or fish you saw from the books in our library/lounge

Another picture of an Arricari taken by guest Jerry Britten, Dec. 2006
Relaxing on the new and bigger decks (post Dean!) Guests April 2008
Roof-top sunset- Guests April 2008
Coral lined path to the beach.
entry Mayan Beach Garden
Mayan Beach Garden Resort

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