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Cellular Mexico +(52) 1-983-130-8658 (we don't often have signal)

(US number) : 206-905-9665

SKYPE Marcia_mayanbeachgarden

WHATSAPP: +(52) 1-983-130-8658


Camino Costera Mahahual-Punta Herrero
3 km sur del aceso Placer y 11 km Norte de rio Indio
Mahahual, QRoo 77976 Mexico

GOOGLE MAP 18.8920099,-87.6406888


Calling a Cellular phone numbers from within Mexico -- if dialing from a Mexican land line within Mexico, you must dial 44 before the number--if dialing from a Mexican cell phone from within Mexico, omit (52). In both cases don't forget the 1.

If you call and don't get a response, please email - we don't have the best phone coverage

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